Ultimate Guide to Rubbish Dumps in Sydney

Dependence of landfill in Australia as a form of waste management is resulting in devastating consequences to the environment. From the increase of greenhouse gases released in landfills, global warming and the lack of rubbish dumps, Australia is having a hard time managing its waste. As the majority of waste is not recycled or reused, disposing the rubbish in the nation’s landfills is the easiest way to get rid of junks at home for many homeowners. 

Over the last two decades, Sydney is making its best to eradicate the ‘rising’ tonnes of rubbish produced and dumped into the landfills per annum. From primary landfill evolving to comprehensive resource recovery centres, emerging tips and techniques are proposed by local councils yearly to cope up with the rubbish slowly.

Furthermore, if you are waiting for your local council for a long time to collect your junks, this can be very inconvenient. Local councils have limitations on the size and materials that they will accept. As a result, you will end up piling the rejected junks in a corner stealing an important space in your home. But if you wish to send it directly to landfills, here’s a guide on where, when and what to dispose of on rubbish dumps.


Rubbish Dump in a Nutshell

A rubbish dump is the place where our waste goes because we can’t store it somewhere else. This is usually a large site that houses the household waste, agricultural waste, industrial waste, and building and demolition waste for many years. Depending on what kind of waste, rubbish dumps have different disposal methods in handling the waste.

Moreover, the rubbish dump’s main purpose is to isolate the vast amount of waste from the open body of water, environment and the ecosystem. It is also one way of reducing the amount of pollution in the environment that the waste causes.


Landfill Finding in Sydney

In finding a landfill, you’ll probably want to check your local council’s websites and recycling facilities near your home. If you find one, you can start reviewing all the necessary rules and guidelines provided depending on which company you’ll be choosing.

On the other hand, there is a leading and giant recycling and waste management company in Australia that takes your unwanted waste. SUEZ (formerly known as SITA) is the best option in Sydney for disposing of unwanted materials. This company has numerous rubbish dumps spread across Australia and charges an affordable fee if you want to dump your junk there.


Waste Guide for Rubbish Dumps

Always remember that you should be mindful when it comes to disposing of your garbage at rubbish tips since there are also restrictions. Rubbish like asbestos, tires, and hazardous wastes are not simply dumped in landfills.They are expected to be sorted out and turned over to a recycling center for proper treatment and disposal. As with SUEZ, it is one of the authorised rubbish dumps that accepts toxic and hazardous materials to be dumped in landfills, but it follows a process before it’s finally dumped.


Rubbish Removalists Role

If you wish to dump your garbage in landfills, you will be required to sort out your rubbish first accordingly to properly recycle your waste. But if this sounds too bothersome for you, then a rubbish removal service is the best option. Your problem in removing the hazardous waste in your home and the urgency to get rid of it will be the perfect solution once you hit call.

With rubbish removalists, you can save time and energy from the troublesome job of removing and sorting out junks. You can also make sure that the rubbish removalists will responsibly take care of the garbage before sending it to rubbish dumps. 


Slowly Deteriorating the Environment

Landfills are detrimental to the environment because it houses garbage and different waste that are useless and have no purpose anymore. Rather than returning to the life-circle like recycled objects, where they are turned into new goods, they remain in a landfill for decades and centuries to rot and eventually decompose.

Additionally, rubbish dumps our landfills are bad for our environment as substances release methane into the atmosphere during the decomposition process. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere approximately 30 times worse than the carbon dioxide. And as rubbish climbs, global warming and rising temperatures are now one the greatest concern in the world.



A massive quantity of waste thrown in rubbish dumps is a daily reminder that Australia is wasting too much. With the high peaks of garbage found in landfills, a guide towards finding rubbish dumps is a great idea. Moreover, you may need other services that will take care of your junks in a convenient way.

At Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal, there’s no greater feeling than finishing up from a junk removal job and seeing the loyal customer’s faces happy and satisfied. With affordable prices, your problem with dumping your rubbish will be quick and hassle-free. 

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