Health Issues Related to Too Much Rubbish in Your Home

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We are all encouraged to be clean in thoughts, but most importantly, we are called to practise tidiness, organisation and good hygiene in real life. Having rubbish inside your homes definitely affects your household. There’s a reason waste is supposed to be put out. The same way with your homes, having too much trash around can contribute to the degrading of your health and affect your overall home environment. 

Take the trash out as much as you can to avoid negative effects in your comfort spaces. Your homes should be a sanctuary only to you without uninvited distraction that can leech off of you and eventually hurt you. With too much trash inside, your health could be at risk. Don’t wait for negative things to happen before you consider truly putting the trash out. These are some issues that might arise from your trash:


Invites pests and rodents

The most obvious effect of having too much trash in your home really starts with the things you sense right after the accumulation of garbage. Have you ever witnessed or thought you heard rodents squeaking and rummaging around that trash bag you’ve had for a month already? Did you ever catch some small mice running back and forth from where you can’t exactly pinpoint? Chances are you’re probably right about that. You have unwanted visitors from outside.

The vulgar smell of garbage attracts rats and mice to run through your garbage and scavenge for whatever leftover you’ve thrown out. Moreover, where there is waste, more particular in food waste, there are insects around. Your garbage also invites ants, mosquitoes, and insects too. Once these rodents and pestilence also venture to your untouched food stocks around, you could be in serious danger and get sick if you accidentally consume infested food.


Grows bacteria and microbes

Waste is also a good breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. While you might feel fine eating whatever’s there, these bacteria can also make you sick if you’re not careful enough. Practising good hygiene i.e. keeping your kitchen clean and your home environment sanitated, guarantees that whatever you put in your mouth is something that contributes to your health and development in nutrition. Surely, you don’t want to take in some garbage in your bodies too.


Degradation in emotional health

A study conducted at Rice University proved that trash greatly affects your emotional health. A tidier environment invites a more ethical mindset. The converse is also true,
dirty environments entice more individuals to lie and to cheat. Your home is your first school. It is the first learning ground for your family. Having too much rubbish around will affect the values, principles and emotions that your children may form. Keep your spaces clean!


Effects in mental health

Having too much site of garbage definitely means that your cognitive functions have a lot to process. Looking at garbage already distorts your focus. Instead of having only fewer things to process, your senses and mind also need to divide attention between what you’re thinking about and your immediate surroundings. Too much garbage in your homes splits your mind between taking care of the children and handling that garbage you’ve had to put out for a while.



In a place of comfort and protection like your personal homes, your safety and health should never be put in compromise. A cleaner home coaxes a lighter and a more liberating atmosphere. Having too much garbage around can put you at risks that you didn’t even think can happen. Too much rubbish shouldn’t pose a negative effect on you and your family. Keep it simple. Keep your homes clean. Contact your local removalists for rubbish concerns.

Present across Sydney, Aussie Junk provides rubbish removal services to take care of your piled up rubbish. Having a clean environment is crucial in maintaining your homes. We can be the team that handles your dirty work so you can focus on keeping your family safe and healthy. Have you decided to take out the trash? Call us now at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us a question here:

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