Rubbish Removal: Clearing Out a Hoarder’s Home

Dealing with a hoarder can be difficult on many levels. The experience can be draining, challenging, and infuriating, especially if they don’t believe a problem exists. What looks like rubbish to you can be something valuable to them. But at the end of the day, we need to clear out hoarded rubbish.

Knowing where to start clearing in a home that’s cluttered is overwhelming. However, by following a reliable rubbish removal process, you can take control of the situation. So that a hoarder’s home will be sorted out, cleaned, and sanitised, making it safe to live in again.

With that said, the following are the procedures you should implement to clear out a hoarder’s home.

Evaluate and Strategise

No matter the size and amount, removing hoarded rubbish is possible if you thoroughly evaluate the situation and strategise a practical approach. Take note that clearing out these kinds of junk is not like your usual rubbish removal. These items come in piles and are usually unsafe to work with.

Moreover, picking up heaps of garbage with your bare hands can be risky. That’s why it is vital to develop a cleaning plan to address what kind of supplies and equipment you will need. 

Also, estimate how much time your clearing might take and the safety risks involved. So if the size and risks are daunting, you can hire professionals for rubbish removal services

Prioritise Your Protection

Various levels of health and safety risks are associated with indefinite piles of hoarded rubbish. So be prepared for anything with personal protective equipment and the proper gears.

Wearing disposable gloves, durable eye protection, boots, and a hard hat will help you avoid contact with allergens and sharps. Moreover, have a fire extinguisher and first-aid kit on the side to prepare in case of emergencies. Hoarded rubbish are common spots for vermins and rodents, so prepare a bug spray or insecticide, since most pests could bite when agitated.

On the other hand, if you find biohazardous materials in a pile, call a licensed removalist promptly. Discarding these harmful materials, together with household rubbish, is very dangerous and is considered to be illegal. 

Otherwise, you’ll need some tools to sort and collect most of the hoarded rubbish, so have a list of proper equipment.

Gear Up With Adequate Equipment

You’re not dealing with a typical amount of rubbish. So removing trash of enormous quantities will require enough cleaning supplies and proper equipment. You don’t want to stop and replenish your supply in the middle of the job, so take note of these items when clearing up a hoarding situation:

  • Heavy-duty rubbish bags
  • Empty storage boxes
  • Mops and buckets
  • Vacuum cleaner, brooms, and dustpans
  • Cleansers and disinfectants
  • Sponges, wipes, and cleaning cloths
  • Set of hand tools
  • Shovel for removing debris
  • Step ladder

Additionally, hauling and transportation equipment is essential in completing the process of clearing out. So make sure to call reliable rubbish removal services if you find curbside bins insufficient. After preparing, you can begin clearing out the small spaces with fewer amounts of rubbish.

Start with a Small Room

After doing all the preparations, knowing where to begin clearing out can be difficult. That’s why if you want to feel a sense of progress, experts advice to start with a small room. 

A bathroom is an excellent place to start with. Not only because it is small in comparison with other rooms, but having a clean and hygienic bathroom is essential to keeping a home’s health. 

Besides, bathrooms usually have fewer items and valuables, so it’s easier to clear out. Once you’re done clearing smaller rooms, you’ll have a sense of accomplishment, and you can use this as motivation to proceed with other sections.

Clear Out Rooms from Top to Bottom

A top-to-bottom approach in clearing out hoarded rubbish is reliable and systematic. You can use a step ladder to take out unwanted trash left above cabinets and other furniture. Go through drawers, closets, and separate compartments to make sure there are no items left behind.

Also, be aware of items that you want to remove, but it is illegal to dump on household trash. It is best to check local policies in disposing of these objects, such as volatile compounds and expired medications. And while you’re at it, you can set aside items that you find valuable.

Set Aside Salvageable Items

While going through the clearing process, you can sort out items that you think can be kept, donated, or recycled. Be aware of local charities that accept in-kind donations and check to see if some of your old stuff can help less fortunate families.

It is always smart to recycle and reuse some items. You can benefit from clearing it out, but through little ways, you can provide comfort for other people as well as help preserve the planet. But before that, the one you should preserve first is the pristine condition of the home. Once all unwanted items are gone, you can then thoroughly clean and sanitise your home.

Deep Clean and Sanitise the Home

Removing hoarded rubbish often leave leachates, odour, and bacteria behind. To get rid of the stink and risks of skin allergy or diseases, it is important to sanitise the surfaces and disinfect them properly.

Deep cleaning and disinfecting may take a while, depending on the amount of space consumed by hoarded rubbish. But the result will always be worth it. 

Moreover, this stage also allows you to look around and examine the building for repairs, such as warped surfaces and cracked drywall. Most importantly, make sure to perform all necessary repairs before putting back furniture and appliances.


Preparing for clearing out large amounts of hoarded rubbish can be intimidating. However, don’t let this get in your way from productivity. Aussie Junk is the smart solution for all kinds of hoarded rubbish removal

Our team of removalists has the skills and tools to perform all the hard work so you can focus on bigger things. We value your property as much as you do, and we’ll make sure all unwanted items are removed within the same day.

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