Solving Bug Infestation Problems Through Rubbish Removal

Bugs, just like every other creature, have their place here on earth. However, no one wants that place to be in their home. You don’t want to invite them in or make them stay. But whether you like it or not, bugs and pests can make their way into your property ‒ and it’s through the rubbish.

To drive these household bugs away, you should first identify most of the bugs that are living in your house and the spots where they thrive.

Common Household Bugs

Dust Mites

You can find these bugs in any plush surface, such as carpets, upholstery, beddings, or your kids’ stuffed toys. Dust mites feed off of dead skin cells, and while routine washing keeps their population down, the same can be tedious for old and used carpets stacked in your garage.

Old carpets are too bulky to wash. If you’re not using them anymore, you can take them to the curb for collection or have it promptly removed by a rubbish removal company. The latter is a safer and more efficient solution as it requires less work and gets rid of dust mites as soon as possible.


Weevils get to your home by hitching in your groceries. These bugs burrow into rice and grains to lay their eggs and multiply. If the infestation is left untreated, they will hatch and crawl all over your pantry, ruining all the food supply. Now it only takes a few days for your fresh grocery to wilt and sour.

The best way to eliminate weevils on your food supply is to purge and get rid of unsealed dry goods and food containers. However, purging will generate a considerable amount of rubbish, that’s why calling a rubbish removal service is just as recommended.

After removing the affected goods, clean the shelves with household insecticide and restock after letting it dry.


Centipedes are the good guys as they feed on dust mites and bad bugs. However, nobody wants to sleep, eat, or watch television with countless multi-legged creatures. Centipedes mostly thrive in moist environments, and what else could it be other than days-old rubbish bags.

You can get rid of centipedes by dumping large rubbish bags on curbside bins, and having a rubbish removal service tend to your garbage. Meanwhile, a future infestation can be prevented by sealing up crevices and spraying insecticides around baseboards and windows.

Fruit Flies

A fruit fly infestation can get out of hand quickly. Their eggs hatch within 24 hours after laying, and they enjoy feeding on soft fruits and vegetables. Leaving your food outside for a few minutes will attract enough of these flies, so storing fruits and veggies in your fridge will keep them away.

Moreover, check out your kitchen trash bins because rotting food waste and peelings attract fruit flies. Regular rubbish removal and disinfecting your trash cans will make sure the flies stay outside your private property.


Cockroaches are a problem in many households, particularly those situated in big cities like Sydney. If you happen to see one creeping in your kitchen, you can be sure there are others unseen. 

Once they’re in, cockroaches can be hard to dislodge, so take sustained and prompt action. Insecticides and roach traps will help, but will eventually cost you money. The better solution is to get to the root of the problem and remove old/broken furniture and hoarded rubbish. These spots are typical cockroach habitats, so consider calling a rubbish removal service if you have one lying around.

Additionally, food waste also contributes to bug infestation as it attracts cockroaches and centipedes. Prompt removal of this rubbish and disinfecting your pantry is more effective and safer than spraying insecticides on food containers.

The Solution

Most bug infestation problems have something to do with your household rubbish. The moist environment of days-old food trash, dusty old carpets, and unsealed food containers are perfect habitats for house bugs. Therefore, prompt and thorough rubbish removal services are crucial in keeping your home bug-free.

Available across Sydney, Aussie Junk can take care of your piled up rubbish. A clean environment is vital in keeping bugs and pests in control. Equipped with the right tools and expertise, we can do the dirty work so you can focus on the things that matter.

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