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Aussie Junk helps you get rid of all your construction waste in Sydney 24/7!

We collect and dispose of construction waste quickly and easily at a competitive price!

We provide a fast and friendly construction waste removal service in Sydney with no hidden charges.

Aussie Junk is a professional and highly experienced rubbish removalist that provides affordable, fast, and efficient rubbish removal services. We guarantee a safe and eco-friendly construction waste removal service in Sydney.

We remove and discard any type of construction rubbish from your property. Whether it’s renovation waste, large amounts of timber and steel or tiles, our team can assist in safely removing it from your site.

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Why Use A Construction Waste Removal Service in Sydney?

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Rubbish removal may appear to be a simple and basic task. But what we fail to see are the dangers of construction waste materials which can endanger anyone’s health if not disposed of properly.

Aussie Junk has been in the rubbish removal industry to know every step of safely removing and disposing of any type of waste. To further ensure your safety, we invest in a fleet of sophisticated equipment capable of clearing out and hauling away in a single process.

We continue to train and embrace cutting-edge methods to provide the best service possible. So, entrust your construction waste removal services in Sydney to a professional rubbish removalist.


We are all aware of the risks that improper or irresponsible waste disposal poses to our health and the environment. That is why we always make a point of collecting, sorting, recycling, and disposing of all of your construction waste properly.

Accessible 24/7

We make every effort to meet your rubbish removal needs. Our expert team is available to respond to all of your emergency waste removal needs at any time!

Professional and Skilled Rubbish Removalist

We are constantly training and improving our skills to meet each individual’s specific rubbish removal service needs.

Cost of Construction Waste Removal in Sydney

We collect and dispose of all types of junk and waste. Our services are available not only for commercial and industrial clients but also for residential properties. Aussie Junk makes every effort in creating an environmentally friendly solution.

We don’t want to wreak havoc on the environment or endanger any individual’s health. For that, we make sure to dispose of your garbage and waste in a responsible and efficient manner. 

We own sophisticated equipment that guarantees a fast and efficient rubbish removal service. This ensures that regardless of how simple or complex your service requirement is, we will be there to assist you.

We handle the entire process, leaving you with nothing but peace of mind. Here are a few examples of construction waste materials that we accept:

  • Crushed or rubbles of concrete, bricks, ceramic, tiles
  • Torn-up hardwood floors, wall supports
  • Wood shavings and scrap
  • Insulation materials
  • Broken glass and plastics
  • Scrap metals, stone and clay
  • ..and other dredging waste 

You don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving and disposing of your junk and waste. Allow us to make your life easier by providing safe and efficient rubbish removal services. Call us now!

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Construction waste, rubble piles, and other debris may appear to be costly in terms of professional rubbish removal service. Despite the fact that waste is generated on every construction site, some services may differ. That is, we take into account other factors as well as the magnitude of the required service.

We strongly advise you to contact us directly for this purpose. We want to properly assess and inform you of the overall cost of the service. We offer a free on-site inspection to determine your construction removal needs.

Aussie Junk is essential for disposing of waste and cleaning up your space. Allow us to handle the time-consuming and technical junk removal. So you can enjoy the beauty of your workplace without negatively impacting or polluting the environment.

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A very trustful and professional company that conduct the job with efficiency, quality and honesty. I recommend to everyone who wish to have a positive experience when removing rubbish in any occasion.

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