When is the Right Time to Replace That Old Couch

When walking by a thrift store, consignment shops, and second-hand sales, you could find several couches sold in excellent conditions. This means that there are people who have decided to sell out their old but gold couch to replace it and redecorate their homes. 

On the other hand, there are also plenty of couches on the curb left for rubbish collection ‒ meaning there are also ones who take out their old couch simply because sitting on it is beyond comfortable.

Either way, there is an appropriate grey area between keeping your cozy couch or taking it out for good. In average, the sofas you purchase today are likely to last from seven to 15 years, depending on usage and frequency of cleaning. However, there are warning signs you should look out for to know when is the right time to replace your old couch.


The Couch Doesn’t Fit the Room Space

Usually, people get to buy their first couch in college for their apartments, and it’s a pain to leave it behind. Now, it looks awkward in a larger family room, or too cramped in a smaller space ‒ blocking the views from the windows.

If you have a smaller couch that’s still in good shape, you can move it to a bedroom or study. However, bulkier sofas should be removed from smaller rooms as they can rub against walls or other furniture and cause wear and tear on the upholstery. When this happens, the frame will eventually take damage, and that’s the time to replace your couch.


You Start Hearing Cracking Noises

Listen to your couch carefully, because there might be subtle or audible noises that indicate a problem with your couch’s structure. If you can hear squeaking or cracking noises whenever someone sits, there might be a problem on the joints, frame, or a weak metal spring. 

Moreover, older couches are made with hardwood and screws, while modern and cheap furniture is assembled with manufactured wood, staples, and epoxy. Unless your couch represents a sentimental value and is an older one, the cost of repairing it or replacing its authentic upholstery can go as high as the price of a brand new sofa. So weigh the benefits and risks before making a decision.


Cushions are Flat, and Lumbar Support is Gone

If sitting on your couch cushions feels like squatting on a thin rag, then it’s time to look for a replacement. But if the rest of the couch is intact, then you may be able to extend its life a bit more by adding a new seat filling.

Seat cushions can be replaced or added with solid foam that’s cut to the correct size. To support the foam in place, you can place a two-to-three centimetre thick piece of plywood under the cushions to get rid of the sinking feeling when sitting on it.


The Odour Is Overwhelming, or It’s Itchy

Having pets, babies with leaky diapers and sweaty bodies on and off the couch will cause a build-up of odours in its upholstery and padding. Regular vacuuming and disinfecting can help, but over time, the smell will become overwhelming. If your couch causes your room to stink, even after cleaning it, then it may be the right time to get a new one. 

Additionally, sitting on worn-out fabric may result in frequent itching. Besides, an old couch may become a habitat for bedbugs. So if you get red welts on your legs after sitting for hours, when is the better time to replace the couch?


A Change in Decoration Taste

Together with the changing style trends, it is understandable that your preferences in decoration will change over time. Having your wall repainted will also make your couch look odd against the background, or maybe its beautiful floral print looks antique and faded.

Home renovation is also a factor in changing your furniture. Minimalism and modern designs are elegant themes, but sometimes, a new and fitting sofa best complements these looks.


Worn-out Upholstery

Stained, faded, and frayed upholstery are warning signs that you need to replace your old couch. Over time, its fabrics will wear out due to frequent wear and tear from all the sitting, jumping, and exposure to pets or other materials. While you can do something to mend worn-out areas, the fabric will still eventually expose the padding underneath.

Multiple factors affect the fading of a couch upholstery, and one of them is direct sunlight exposure. The heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun adversely affect the colour and deteriorate the fibres until it rips.



Knowing the right time to replace your old couch allows you to make the most of it and maximise its lifespan. However, if the worst happens, you’ll need a partner to pick up the old couch for proper disposal.

Aussie Junk is the only partner you’ll need in old furniture and household rubbish removal. Our team of removalists have the right tools and equipment for safe and efficient furniture removal. We value your stuff as much as you do, and we’ll make sure you’ll have more room for a new sofa within the same day.

Call our friendly staff at ‪0435 569 921‬, or send us an email at info@aussiejunk.com.au

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