What is Liquid Waste?

Liquid waste refers to a liquid residue that is hazardous or potentially harmful for people and the environment. Most liquid waste generators come from different sectors of our society from households to manufacturing industries. 

Sewage and wastewater mainly come from household and industrial processes which includes manufacturing, food and agricultural processing. While runoff water is commonly generated by water that flows freely over the land surface such as rain or snowmelt. 

Runoff, sewage to sullage or wastewater, these are the most common types of liquid waste that we encounter on a daily basis. 


Types of Liquid Waste


Wastewater or Sullage

Sullage or wastewater is the type of liquid waste that doesn’t contain any human waste. Generally, sullage liquid waste comes from our daily activities including washing, residues from cooking, industrial waste, etc. These things can include anything from sharp needles to small pathogens which makes the water dangerous to come into contact.

The most dangerous liquid waste is found in the form of chemical liquid waste such as:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Corrosive substances
  • Contaminated soil or quarantine waste


Industrial Wastewater Management

Industrial liquid waste must treat their wastewater prior to disposal. Industries who generate liquid waste must follow the municipal council’s regulation on proper management of wastewater accordingly.



Sewage liquid waste is generated from our toilets, it is a subset of wastewater that contains human waste e.g. faeces, urine. However, it is still unclear due to the fact that you can put anything down the toilet.


Sewage Management


  • Must not contaminate groundwater or land surface water
  • Must not be accessible to flies
  • Must provide an inexpensive method for disposal of excreta that lasts for at least 5 years
  • Waste management must not leave an odour or undesirable sight



Runoff water is a type of liquid waste that is commonly generated from rain, ponds, dams and any water that flows over the land surface. Runoff water carries several types of waste including human excretes that are potentially hazardous.


Runoff Water Management


  • Runoff water is diverted into drains especially in populated areas such as cities and towns. Usually, runoff water goes untreated into the sea.
  • To prevent runoff water from entering the locals’ water supplies, the local officials’ responsibility is to formulate a plan accordingly to deal with the issue


How to Manage Wastewater?

There are several sanitation methods utilised to safely collect and store liquid waste in order to avoid improper handling of wastewater such as odour generation and groundwater pollution.

EPA regulated a guideline when it comes to proper management of Wastewater from segregation, collection, treatment to wastewater disposal.

In order to strengthen the effectiveness of imposing the proper management of wastewater, EPA reinforced the guideline with Environmental Protection Water Quality 2015.

Improper handling of wastewater falls under EPA’s Illegal Dumping law which corresponds to significant penalties for individuals and industries who will violate the regulation.



Liquid wastes that are poorly managed upon disposal can cause serious damage to its direct environment and the general public’s health. Although we can’t avoid that most industrial companies produce both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste. 

But with EPA’s efforts in regulating the proper management of wastewater, we can minimise or eliminate the effect and the danger of liquid waste including overflowing, poor maintenance, insufficient treatment, etc.

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