Types of Waste Bins in Australia

Waste bins are essential in keeping the trash around Australia well-managed. It is an essential tool in waste management methods. It is extremely vital that everybody has knowledge about. Yet, this is where the problem comes in. You need information and knowledge to know more about waste segregation. You can’t just throw in any garbage in any bin and consider your trash well-maintained. This is why there are different types of waste bins across Sydney — to sort waste.

There are different bins for different kinds of waste. They are usually differentiated by colour. If you look around your neighbourhood, you’ll see them more frequently. This system applies to both residents and waste collection services alike. Your local rubbish removalists need to follow them for effective waste management efforts. Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal also needs to follow these rules. Always follow the colour for the trash you’re about to throw in.

Red bin 

The red segregation bins are your standard household waste bins. Each unit or residence should have a red bin for their respective household waste. Council waste collectors will not collect wastes that are outside the red bin. Moreover, the waste council only collects the trash within the specific schedule. They apply disposal methods that have less environmental impact on the waste in red bins.

It is important to follow the guidelines in what you’re allowed to put in the red bins. Make sure to only put the proper house generated trash in the red bin. These are some of the things you CAN place inside:

✔︎ Plastic bags

✔︎ Disposable plastic containers of products and goods

✔︎ Styrofoam waste

✔︎ Toothbrush and empty toothpaste tubes

✔︎ Used paper products

✔︎ Paper containers

✔︎ Clear glass products

✔︎ LED bulbs

There are certain trash types that you can’t put in the red bin along with everything else. These are some of the things you CAN’T put inside:

✘ E-waste

✘ Electronic appliances

✘ Household chemicals

✘ Food scraps

✘ Green waste

✘ Bulky household items that don’t fit inside the bin

Yellow bin

The yellow segregation bins, however, are for recyclable waste. For each household, the red segregation bin and yellow segregation bin go together. They appear as a set to every residence for automatic household waste recycling. If you have any household waste that are good candidates for recycling, put them in the yellow bin.

For the trash that you don’t put in the red bin, you can put them in the yellow bin only if they’re recyclable. These are recyclable items that you can put inside the yellow bin:

✔︎ Hard plastic containers like PET bottles and empty plastic liquid containers 

✔︎ Aluminium products

✔︎ Coloured and clear glass bottles and glass jars

✔︎ Sturdy paper waste like pizza boxes

Not all trash are good candidates for recycling. You can’t put inside the yellow bin the same things you can’t put inside the red bin. Those types of waste are for different recycling methods, as they generally cause more potential harm and risk.

Green bin

Green waste bins are specifically assigned to green waste. You should only put organic garden waste inside these bins. They are not automatically part of the segregation bin set given for every household. As such, you need to request and order them from your local council. If you want to go the extra mile of putting your green waste to good use, get a green waste bin. 

Not all kinds of green waste are supposed to be inside the green bin. These are the only green waste you can put inside:

✔︎ Leaves and grass clippings

✔︎ Garden shrubs that fit inside

✔︎ Branch trimmings

✔︎ Small twigs

✔︎ Tree pruning

✔︎ Weeds


Aussie Junk is the team you’ll need to handle your household trash when you need extra help. Waste management can get a little tricky. For better waste collection and management, waste council imposes these rules in Sydney. You don’t need to worry. We are a team with extensive experience in dealing with just about any waste. We offer all sorts of
rubbish removal services to you. From collection to disposal – we will take care of everything. We also adhere to different waste initiatives to make Sydney better.

All you need to do is contact us! You can call us at 0428 25

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Aussie Junk

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