Types of Wastes Thrown in Red Bins

The segregation bin is your best friend when it comes to waste management. Everything starts with your waste at home and the sorting practices you do to your trash. As such, there are different bins available for your waste containment. Each colour signifies a different type of waste you can put in for disposal. The most basic bin is your red bin. You can throw your household inside. But, not all trash you generate from your household should end up in the red bin. 

Red bins cover most kinds of waste that come from your household. You can make things a bit easier and more orderly. Do the initial steps of segregation to manage your waste in the red bin. If you don’t have the time for your waste, Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal services are for you. Just make sure to always double-check your garbage volume beforehand.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are one of the most common types of household waste you can throw in the red bin. Oftentimes, you’re coming from the grocery store, you might have a plastic bag to carry in your items. You can throw those kinds of plastic bags in the red bin. You can also throw inside the red bin are black biodegradable plastic bags.

Plastic containers

The most common container for products such as food and goods is plastic. Liquid packs and plastic food containers are for your red bin. These disposable plastic containers mostly from our food items are acceptable in the red bin. Make sure to empty them out first.

Styrofoam products 

Another waste you can dispose of in your red bin is Styrofoam waste. You can place the used Styrofoam from your food packs and coffee cups that you want to dispose of.


There are many things coming from the bathroom that you need to dispose of after some time. You can send them to the red bin straight away. Some of these items might be your old toothbrush or empty toothpaste tubes you want to get rid of.

Used paper products 

You can throw used paper products in the red bin. Used tissue, paper containers, hard paper bags, used paper, crumpled paper, etc. belong to the red bin. This is especially for used  paper products that are not in good shape for recycling. 

Paper containers

For more sustainable containment practices, companies also store food products in paper containers. These containers are a bit thicker and harder than normal paper but they maintain product conditions well. If you have an empty Pringle can that you want to dispose of, you can leave them in your red bin.

Common non-bulky household items 

Bulky items aren’t allowed in the red bin. However, you can get rid of items such as garden hose and worn-out gloves in the red bin. Just guarantee that these items are not too big inside and they aren’t good candidates for recycling. 

Clear glass and glass containers

You can throw in glass containers and glass products inside the red bin. some of these items include, but are not limited to glass bottles, glass jars and LED bulbs. Just make sure to contain them well so they don’t break when you’re disposing of them.

Broken glassware

If you need to get rid of broken or damaged glassware, you can send them straight to the red bin. Put them in another container first. This lessens injury and harm to the person who will collect the waste from the red bin.


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