Tips to Transform Your Backyard During Lockdown

The current lockdown situation in Sydney has forced people to stay at home all day. With this, mums and dads have ample time to spend with their kids and take on various things in the house.

During this home confinement period, most public places are off-limits. Because your family can’t go out, you may have done different tasks to keep yourself busy at home.

Typically, you would tackle indoor activities. But taking the time to see and give attention to your backyard will spice up your lockdown experience.

There are lots of ways to brighten up your home’s outdoor area while adhering to social distancing. We have listed some best tips to transform your backyard during a lockdown. Here are some outdoor solutions for you.   

Plan and Select the Right Landscaping

During this lockdown, one best way to transform your backyard’s look is to apply the right landscaping. Careful selection and planning of the plants you’ll put in your landscape can help you set the theme and mood that you want.

It can even remind you of your favourite vacation spot as you step outside your backyard. Choose plants that can adapt well to your area’s environment. You may also get help from a professional landscape designer to make things a whole lot easier.

Create a More Appealing Patio

Plastic chairs and slab concrete just won’t do it. Make a space in your backyard that looks more inviting and urges you to go outside and spend time in your own plant-filled oasis.

Create a patio where you can relax under the sun, read, practice yoga, or hang out with your family. You can add some flowers, lanterns, blankets, and pillows to make it more comfortable.

Put a Water Feature

Another tip to improve your backyard’s ambience is adding a water feature. The sight and sound of water can create a calm and therapeutic effect. This permits you to sit back, relax and enjoy your time during a lockdown.

If you don’t have the budget or the space for a water feature, you can always opt for more affordable and smaller ones. Listening to the sound of the spouting water or bird splashing can be doable with the following:

  • Birdbath
  • Small Fountain
  • Fish Pond

Place the Right Kind of Lighting

Spending most of your time indoors might make you acquainted with seeing the usual things around your house.

To change the vibe and look of your backyard at night, you can replace those old light bulbs with the right kind of lighting.

The appealing lighting will lure you outdoors and let you relax at night while staying in your backyard.

Clear the Clutter

One of the best tips to transform your backyard during lockdown is clearing out your clutter. Trim those long grasses, prune overgrown trees, relocate play equipment, or donate it if your children are too old for swings and slides.

Since recycling centres and donation shops might be off-limits during this time, gather and store unwanted items in a safe place while waiting for things to revert to normal.

Assess and clean your yard accordingly to make a tidy and inviting outdoor area. This space allows you to spend time relaxing and enjoying things with your family. If you need to get rid of household rubbish, we can happily with that!

Final Thoughts 

During this lockdown, having an outdoor living space allows your entire family to relax in the sun, see some views, and breathe fresh air without having to leave your property.

Nothing is more pleasing than staying in a home that gives you comfort and peace amid this COVID19 crisis. If you want to make a more inviting and relaxing private oasis, consider the tips mentioned above and create the backyard transformation you want. 

Make the most out of your home confinement and get the right landscape, patio design, water feature, and lighting to improve your backyard’s look.

If you’re clearing out clutter, you may ask us for helpful tips on how you can accomplish it safely and efficiently during this time.

We have on-call service teams ready to answer all your enquiries immediately. Do not hesitate to call for assistance.

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