Furniture Donation Sydney: Donate To Those In Need

Please note: Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal does not accept furniture donations. To donate your furniture to the proper charitable organisations, please see below and click on their websites for donation instructions.

It’s undeniable that furniture shopping can give a certain level of stress relief. The smell of freshly varnished wooden cabinets or the soft touch of your new leather couch really sparks joy.

But, as we crave this new furniture and fixtures, we fail to notice that our homes are beginning to look like a jungle of woodwork and upholstery. Hence, if you haven’t been using some home furniture for some time now or if you’re moving somewhere, maybe it’s time to declutter.

Don’t just throw these things, though. Apart from costing landfills a significant amount of space, it would be such a waste to throw still functional furniture when you can donate it to a home that truly needs it. 

But, you might ask, with a city as big as Sydney, how and where should one donate this bulky stuff? 

Well, lucky you! Listed below are a few methods by which you can donate your unwanted furniture in no time.

Family and Friends

Did Aunt Martha say her bed is too hard for her fragile body? 

The easiest way to donate your furniture would be through your inner circle since they can easily collect it from your house. Hence, it really pays off when you listen to their concerns and troubles during gatherings. You never know, they might be tirelessly looking or saving for the things you want to dispose of.

But, just to be sure, you can also give them a call. 

Online Forums

If there really isn’t someone close to you who can come and collect the furniture, you can always count on online forums to do the job. 

With the advent of technology, online platforms for trading, selling, and even donating have been developed. For instance, Gumtree, a popular online marketplace in Australia, allows users to freely post various items for sale, trade, or donation. These include pet dogs, real estate, and furniture.

Another well-patronised forum in Australia is the Freecycle Network. On this platform, you can join over 5,000 local town groups that facilitate the trading and giving of free stuff.  

All you have to do is sign up on their website, join a town in Sydney, and voila! You can post your unwanted furniture on their site for free. 

Reuse and Repair Centres

A sustainable way of repurposing old and worn furniture is by donating it to reuse and repair centres like Bower, Green Furniture Hub, and Reverse Garbage.  

In these centres, furniture that is either old or left behind after moving to a new residence is repaired to make them available in the market again.  


Among all these methods, the best way to donate your unwanted or worn furniture is through charities that support people in dire need of the basic necessities. It’s sustainable, convenient, and rewarding at the same time.

Australians are known for their generosity, may it be in terms of goods or services. This is surely reflected by the abundance of charity organisations in Australia, which means you have a variety of options to choose from. Some good charities for furniture donation are the following: 

  1. Pyrmont Cares Inc. (PCI) (Visit Website Here)

If you’re looking for a charity located in Sydney, then PCI is the one for you. This organisation has been working with over 40 social work agencies in Sydney to help alleviate poverty by providing donated white goods and furniture to the homeless. These include refugees, victims of natural disasters and domestic abuse, and delinquents.

Since 2012, PCI has already distributed household items to over 500 people.

  1. Vinnies (Visit Website Here)

As St Vincent de Paul Society’s social services arm, Vinnies sell pre-loved items and furniture to support the less fortunate.

With 650 Vinnies shops in Australia, including Sydney, donating or purchasing pre-loved furniture becomes a more meaningful endeavour.   

  1. The Generous and The Grateful (GG) (Visit Website Here)

“Keeping the kindness wheels turning.”

GG lives by this motto by assisting people who are at risk of becoming homeless. Their services include affordable house furnishing, rehabilitation of warehouses, and the provision of furniture and white goods.

Currently, GG has distributed 122 tonnes of furniture to people in need. You can add to this number by donating household items that are still in good condition. 

Suppose you still haven’t found the right charity for you. In that case, you may also check the Refugee Council of Australia’s website for a comprehensive list of charities.

Whatever donation method you choose, you are sure to ease the burden of disposal on landfills by giving your unwanted furniture a new life and home. 

If you ever need a hand in transporting your donations, Aussie Junk is sure to collect them with utmost care.

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