Top 10 Tips To Declutter Your House During Lockdown

With the current COVID19 pandemic and the lockdown situation in Sydney, staying at home and spending more time indoors has become our new norm.

But, whether on a lockdown or not, getting organised and clearing out unwanted items is necessary for every household. You probably don’t want your family to get stuck in a cluttered and messy house.

While there are many options for removing rubbish, this lockdown crisis has forced some changes in our ways of decluttering and junk disposal.

To make things a lot easier for your family, Aussie Junkhas listed the top ten tips to declutter your house during a lockdown. Read on for more insights.

1. Find a Safe Space 

People stay at home during a lockdown. Most businesses are off-limits, with recycling centres and charity shops temporarily closed. 

Since these channels are your usual go-to when disposing of unwanted items, you’ll have to find an alternative space to store such things in the meantime. 

Make sure to choose a space where you can safely put various items without them blocking your way. You can opt for your garden area, provided that you can keep your things dry. 

You may also store your clutter in a low-traffic area in your house until things get back to normal. Just ensure to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent significant problems. 

2. Safety First

You can find many decluttering tutorials online. However, most of these postings might have been available before the COVID19 crisis. 

Whatever tips you’ll find, make sure to consider the current realities. It is advisable to get help from family members when packing unwanted items during this time to avoid spreading the virus. 

If you’re going to hire a rubbish removal service, keep gloves, masks, and disinfectant spray at hand for your safety. 

3. Stay Focus and Notice the Clutter

You might feel stressed and anxious while staying at home for many days. After doing the same thing repeatedly every day, you expect a whole different result and vibe inside your house.  

However, if you don’t focus on what’s causing your stress or anxiety, you might get upset when you see no changes.

Focus on the things that need extra attention and make the changes you want to achieve when decluttering and cleaning your home

If that laundry cupboard makes everything fall out with movement or that kitchen drawer looks disorganised, plan and act accordingly to achieve an effective house clean-up.

4. Start with the Small Things 

There’s no doubt that decluttering and downsizing is exhausting and time-consuming. When you want to begin the job, start tackling the small things. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed and tackle your whole house or room directly. Plan your actions to maximise your time and prevent yourself from dealing with significantly stressful situations. 

You can start decluttering your drawers, work desk, shoes or any small things that you can simply deal with. Accomplishing micro-projects like these will make everything a whole lot easier over time. 

5. Focus on One Thing at a Time

Since tackling a whole bedroom in one hit might be difficult, narrowing things down is the best step to decluttering your house during a lockdown.

Break down the tasks and focus on doing one thing at a time. You can clear out your clothes first before tackling other corners or parts of your bedroom. 

Make sure to accomplish each task before moving onto the next one. Doing so will allow you to get things done quicker and more efficiently. 

6. Discard Broken Items

We all put stuff away, whether broken or past its best state. However, there are instances when we hoard items that need immediate disposal. 

If you have items that are beyond repair and have no chance of restoration, it’s time to bid goodbye and get rid of them.  

7. Scan and Shred 

You can have significant amounts of paper clutter. It’s not just pictures but also documents that you’ve kept for quite some time. 

Digitising photographs and important documents is the best way to banish them from your home’s space. If you’re drowning in paper clutter, this is a simple but helpful tip that will make your decluttering easy and convenient. 

8. Repair and Upcycle

Removing your unwanted items is beneficial and essential. But some things might be of good use once you repair and repurpose them. 

For instance, you can make scrunchies or even cleaning-rags out of old clothing or linens. You may also allocate a space to display some figurines or attractive items you’ve gathered during the decluttering process. 

9. Combine and Keep Track of Your Cleaned Clutter

Keeping everything organised and noted is essential when clearing out loads of clutter from your property. Many households complain about how disorganised and messy their storages are, even those who claim to have enough space to keep everything in place. 

Having an overview of what you have cleaned and where you’ve kept them lets you gather and grouped items easily. 

10. Make Decluttering a Daily Routine

Decluttering can be a way for your family to bond during a lockdown. Make this endeavour a daily routine and wake up with an organised environment. 

You can implement a good clean up before the end of the day. Clear out that trash, tidy up, wash the dishes, clean the kid’s toys for the next day’s use, and sweep those bits of dirt away. 

Allocate at least 20 minutes of decluttering session at the end of each day and make sure everything looks clean and organised before going to bed. 

Final Thoughts

Getting an efficient junk clear out and reorganising your home to maintain cleanliness will always be a necessity. It’s a duty that we must not forget to do even amidst this COVID19 crisis. 

All the tips listed above by Aussie Junkcan help every household keep up with their decluttering duties during this lockdown situation. Once everything reverts to normal, the benefits of rubbish clean-up will remain and continue. 

Hence, our team remains connected to everyone in Sydney during this time by providing helpful tips as well as safe and timely services. Get in touch with Aussie Junkfor more information on decluttering and junk disposal. 

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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