Commercial Waste: Best Waste Management & Disposal Systems

Many competitive businesses in Sydney offer products and services to meet the ends of many people. If you have one of these commercial spaces, there’s no doubt every operation produces tantamount rubbish. In effect, it can damage your reputation, and thereby it’s vital to have the best management for your commercial waste disposal system.

Using the term ‘best management’ for disposal systems might imply it’s impossible to create further improvements. But just like anything, it’s still open for changes and upgrades. Such management works to make recyclable collections from commercial waste efficient and effective.

Moreover, it improves waste minimisation and collection, increasing the convenience for occupants of your commercial space. Most importantly, it helps you to run a business with clean amenities, sustainable and environment-friendly areas.

On that, this will guide you on the best management and disposal systems for your commercial waste:

Waste Management Hierarchy

Establishing the best management for commercial waste disposal systems starts from the waste generation and collection up to the disposal process. The NSW created the waste management hierarchy established under the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2001. It includes actions you can follow in decreasing priority:

  1. Waste avoidance- It’s the first step to manage in reducing waste in your commercial space effectively.
  2. Resource recovery- This includes not only reuse and recycling of rubbish but also energy recovery from the management system.
  3. Disposal- Covers all the environmentally responsible waste disposal options.

Factors to Consider in Commercial Waste Management

It’s essential to develop a waste management and disposal systems for your business. In totality, there are many elements to consider effective management in the disposal systems of your commercial wastes.

Collection Services

Owning a commercial space requires you to have a waste collection service. In doing so, arrange a commercial waste contractor and service provider. Many councils in NSW provide recycling to small businesses.

If you’re producing too much rubbish, council collections are not possible, and it’s better to have a commercial waste contractor. Effective disposal systems should include waste and recyclable collection of your commercial wastes.

Safety and Work Health

The best management in disposing of commercial wastes should operate while preventing anyone from possible risks and illnesses. It should not inflict risks to all staff using the bins, cleaning and collection staff, and others engaged in the waste management system. Regardless of the type and size of commercial space, waste service should comply with Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements.

Access to Garbage and Recycling Services

In any commercial space, it’s more convenient to have garbage and recyclable disposal services. Both garbage and recycling disposal should have accessible separate storage or room in your property that are suitably sign-posted.

Bins and Waste Handling Equipment

It’s crucial to store commercial waste in appropriate bins with permanent well-fitting lids. These bins should conform to the AS 4123 Mobile Waste Containers as part of the best management and disposal system. It’s also necessary that containers are always clean and won’t overflow.

Furthermore, you can set up a condition monitoring program to identify dirty and damaged bins. In waste handling equipment, balers and compactors must comply with relevant design and safety standards.

Commercial Waste Storage

Depending on the type of your commercial space, sufficient space is necessary for storing your commercial wastes, and this is where full bins should end up before collection. Here are some things to remember with your waste storage:

Storage areas

It’s relevant to have a building design that allows enough space for storage, bins and containers and volume of generated garbage and recyclables you can store before waste collection.

Bin storage area specifications

The best management of commercial wastes comes with storage facilities constructed under the Building Code of Australia. It must also have a separate ventilation system, bin wash facilities and the area is suitable for wastes storage.

Collection Points

Ideally, storage and collection point are in the same place, avoiding the need to move bins upon collections. If it’s difficult for contractors to access this point, it’s more likely the charges are higher. Instances can happen when contractors recommend the best collection point for safer and easier access.

Waste Management Contracts

Contracts are essential in covering both cleaning and collection services for your commercial wastes. Entering a contract with a waste collection contractor makes the waste management cheaper. The best part here is that you can demand from them to improve disposal systems through recycling and materials recovery.

Moreover, the contract is a tricky part, especially when you’re not satisfied with the disposal systems of contractors. On that, you still have the legal basis that cleaners and collection services should diligently make sure to deposit commercial wastes at a lawful, licensed facility.


The cleaners are a critical element in creating the best management and disposal systems for your commercial waste. It’s necessary that they understand the commercial waste management program in your building. If they don’t understand, the disposal system will fail. For instance, your staff separate the waste, but your cleaners end up mixing it all.

Waste Contractors

Another critical factor in establishing the best commercial waste management is waste contractors. The success of managing and disposing of your rubbish depends on the services they offer. Thus, finding the best contractors is crucial, and they must be able to adapt to your changing needs. 

Active Commercial Waste Disposal System

After ensuring best management in your commercial space, the next move is to focus on your disposal system. The task in dropping off your commercial wastes is in the hands of your contractor. To do that, establish an efficient collection and disposal process within your business area.

There are many things to consider about how to administer an effective disposal system. Here are the things you can consider to managing your enhanced disposal system:

Noise Management

The main issue of disposal of commercial wastes is the noise from bins collection and services. It’s crucial to locate bins and collection points far from the working zone to prevent disturbing any transaction and operations. Consider eliminating the use of collection vehicles and plan for a smooth and noise-free consumer waste collection process.


Odour is a huge problem when it comes to the commercial wastes disposal process. It’s essential to clean bins and storage rooms regularly. Also, the storage room must have a separate ventilation system from the people occupying your commercial spaces. 

Hygiene and Vermin Prevention

For bins and storage areas, keep up the cleanliness such as having hot and cold water (including a hose) with the correct drainage to the sewer. Always ensure proper hygienic practice in managing your commercial waste. Regular cleaning and sealing of waste containers will prevent vermin from accessing waste collection and storage areas.

Signage and education

Regardless of the type of commercial space you have, signage and education are both the most vital part in establishing the best management in your disposal system. Inform anyone about the significance of recycling and provide clear instructions on how to recycle in your commercial space.

Label the garbage and recycling bins clearly and correctly at all times. Clear signage should instruct cleaners how to separate garbage, recyclable and organic commercial wastes correctly. With this, it will assure the effective disposal system of commercial wastes in the facilities.

In a Nutshell

Commercial spaces create more products and services due to the increasing population and standard of living. As a result, it generates more wastes at any time in history, filling up the landfills rapidly. Thus, it’s vital to incorporate best management and disposal systems to solve surging commercial wastes.

Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal is at your service in helping you dispose of your commercial waste. Our expert removalists have more than 20 years of experience in the industry assisting commercial spaces with our rubbish removal services. We can handle any sort of rubbish and can adapt to your changing needs when it comes to establishing best management and disposal systems.

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