How to Organise a Hoarders Rubbish Removal

While clutter is common in every household; hoarding is a different issue. With hoarding, chaos and accumulation of rubbish will take over. Hoarding becomes overwhelming that will significantly cause a detrimental effect on a person’s overall well-being and to its environment. 

Generally, hoarders have a problem differentiating between hoarding and collecting. While they may be similar in the accumulation of materials, there’s a key difference in the state of mind of a collector versus the hoarder.

  • Collector. Generally, collectors have a sense of pride in what they collect. And they even organise their collections in a tidy fashion. Most collectors are aware of the consequences of purchasing excessively.
  • Hoarder.  An individual with hoarding disorder finds it hard to discard or part ways with their belongings. They have a perception that there’s a need to save their stuff. Hoarders may even experience distress if you try to get rid of their valuables.

How to identify a hoarder

Hoarding is a serious condition that has adverse effects on a person’s emotional, financial and social behaviour. Know the common hallmark signs of a compulsive hoarder but not limited to:

  • Experiences anxiety when it comes to getting rid of their stuff
  • Avoids putting away their belongings that have no value
  • Frequently adds items and objects to the hoard
  • Visible detrimental impact to the person’s health, safety or hygiene

Hoarders Rubbish Removal Tips

Dealing with piles and stacks of rubbish left by a hoarder is a challenging task. Most of the time, you don’t even know where and how to begin tidying things up. Learn how to speed things up with these helpful tips in organising a hoarder’s rubbish removal.

  • Formulate a plan. In organising a hoarder’s rubbish removal, start with formulating a plan including the timeline for completion of every task. This enables a more straightforward resolution to the piles and stacks of junk.
  • Be clear about what to discard. Don’t throw everything away. Ask the owner about the necessary items he or she wants to keep. Separate the remaining items with value and determine what the recyclables over the things that need to be disposed of are.
  • Classify similar items. Classify what items to keep, donate, sell and discard; it will be easier to address all of the items at once. Instead of going to every item one by one, grouping similar items will significantly save time and energy.
  • Know the realistic value. Hoarders tend to collect things or items because they think it’s worth more than they are. Most of the belongings they were holding onto are truly worthless. Knowing the true and realistic value of an item will keep you from collecting things that you don’t need.

Call your trusted hoarders rubbish removal provider

If you have a loved one with hoarding tendencies, you’ve seen how hard the situation the person is in. If in case the person is in a severe level of hoarding disorder, seek a professional’s assistance before moving forward to the next step. Hoarders are difficult to convince when you ask them to clean and organise their place. 

We understand how challenging the situation is and you can’t resolve this problem alone. Don’t hesitate to call your trusted rubbish removal provider in Sydney right away. Aussie Junk is your trusted hoarders rubbish removal provider in Sydney that aim to divert all your rubbish away from the landfills as possible. 

We take pride as one of the most reliable rubbish removal providers in Sydney that helps in preserving and protecting our community. Give Aussie Junka call today at ‪0435 569 921‬ for a free quote on hoarders rubbish removal service. Our friendly and professional team of removalists will work with you throughout the transition to a healthy and clutter-free home. 

We are available 24/7 to serve and provide you with the best hoarders rubbish removal services in Sydney.

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