Old Furniture Disposal: Hire a Pro or DIY?

With the tonnes of household rubbish dumped in Sydney, it’s relieving that the local council collections promptly dispose of trash from your standard bins. But when it comes to throwing your old furniture, it might take weeks to get collected. With the problem of fast disposal of old furniture, should you do it yourself or hire a pro?

Many people hire rubbish removal services to dispose of old furniture. But if you’re on a tight budget, doing it yourself is reasonable. However, if you consider proper disposal by just throwing it outdoors, then it makes your neighbourhoods unattractive. Worse, you’re committing illegal dumping.

With that, let’s know when you can dispose of old furniture on your own or better hire a pro in rubbish removal.

When Old Furniture Disposal Becomes A DIY Task

Having plenty of time in your hands can make the disposal of old furniture a do-it-yourself task. Discarding your old furniture doesn’t need to lay it outside for months. You can upcycle old furniture for newer purposes. For example, use your large drawers for planting seedlings or refurbish furniture that you can still use.

Moreover, consider these guides in disposing of old furniture yourself:

Take Old Furniture to Local Scrap Yard

You can’t place oversized items like furniture at the curb even on trash day. So the first step to do is call your local scrapyard. However, most of the time, they incur a small fee for picking up the old items. Besides, if you can deliver your furniture to them, you may even get paid.

Haul Old Furniture Upon Replacement

In case you’re getting new furniture delivered, see to it if they can get the old items at no extra charge. Call the company where you’re buying the new items and ask if such special provisions are possible. With that, you don’t have to worry if they haul away your old furniture for free.

Sell Furniture Online

If your old furniture is still in good condition and you’re planning to replace it, you can post it online for potential buyers. Well-cared old furniture, when sold online, can attract many buyers and would be happy for its low price. Selling it online won’t only help you get rid of the item but generate money as well.

Place Furniture in the Curb with Free Sign

If selling it online won’t work for you, place your old furniture with a ‘free sign’ to let passersby get it for free. Put the free sign in your chairs, tables and file cabinets on the curb where people can easily stop by and throw it in their vehicles. However, larger furniture might be difficult to carry, and this tactic often works in crowded or busy streets.

Donate Your Old Furniture

Old furniture in decent or good condition is a useful object for donation. You can donate these to charity shops or thrift shops. The items will be helpful for families and people who can’t afford to buy those. 

Why Hire A Pro for Furniture Disposal

There’s no doubt that it’s a hassle to do old furniture removal on your own. In many cases, the stated do-it-yourself guide earlier might not work perfectly for you all the time. Thus, it’s more advisable to hire a pro in removing them. 

A do it yourself furniture disposal could be easy if you’re discarding small and light items. But how about getting rid of large cabinets and oversized furniture? More than that, there are many reasons why you should hire a pro to dispose of old furniture effectively.


Throwing away your old furniture could be a mammoth task that can take plenty of time. Remember that time is the most precious commodity and you need to focus on more important things than DIY old furniture disposal. With that, hiring a pro in rubbish removal can save a lot of time in your hands.


Attempting to lift heavy furniture can strain and injure your back. In 2017-2018,
Australian Bureau of Statistics reported there were 181,200 people injured from lifting, pulling and pushing that are activities similar to old furniture disposal. Such danger should convince you to opt for pro rubbish removalists who have more experience and ability in handling the problem.


The equipment in disposing of your old furniture is the biggest hindrance to do it on your own.

Furniture such as tables, wardrobes and sofas won’t fit in average-sized cars. This is why you need to hire professional rubbish removal services that have wagons, trucks and equipment to get these items to the nearest dump.


Professional rubbish removal services don’t want to see good things going in the landfills, including your old furniture. Hiring these services will recycle these items if it has materials that the recycling facility accepts. They can also donate and upcycle these items for a more sustainable and environment-friendly approach.


Disposing of your old furniture is possible by doing it yourself or hiring a pro for the task. But as far as time, safety and equipment are the concerns, it’s best to get help from professional rubbish removal. These services are into environmentally friendly movements through recycling old furniture that frees the overladen landfills. 

Aussie Junk is the best team when you need to hire a pro in . We can handle any size and type of furniture and transport it to recycling facilities.

With more than 20 years of experience in the rubbish removal industry, we divert most of the collected rubbish from landfills to make a cleaner and greener environment.

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