Climate Change: How to Reduce The Devastation of Our Planet

The Earth is experiencing the turmoil of centuries of activity. The industrial revolutions and technological advancements contribute to the slow degrading of the environment. Usage and consumption skyrocket as people utilise and take in more than necessary. Climate change is becoming more visible.

How can we still lessen the negative effects of climate change?

How can we reduce the devastation that is currently happening? There are still ways we can improve.


Control diet

People eat. As a result, livestock and food sources are slowly becoming depleted because of human necessity. It would’ve been normal if the recuperation comes as fast as we eat. The problem is, you might be eating more than necessary.

Whether or not the effects are clear, it doesn’t change the fact that animals and food production contribute to a lot of greenhouse gas. By controlling your diet, you curb your carbon footprint. There will be less demand for food and thus, less need to produce them.


Maintain a healthier lifestyle

Diet isn’t the only thing that unknowingly causes a contribution to climate change. Personal lifestyle plays a big part especially for you every day.

The waste that comes from personal consumption creates more possible pollution in your area. Maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthier planet.

  • Exercise as much as you can
  • Don’t waste food
  • Lessen buying unnecessary things
  • Build healthy habits as early as now


Unplug unused devices

Energy consumption is rampant nowadays. With the number of machinery, devices and technologies that require power to function, there is a need to increase electricity production.

Large amounts of power can cause climate change because many power providers harvest fuel from forests. You can play your part by lessening the power consumption in your home. Unplug all devices that are not in use. If you can, schedule when to plug in devices alternately. 


Consider solar energy

If you can’t curb the amount of electricity you need, consider switching to an alternative. The sun is becoming a fast-track choice in power.

Solar energy works well; since the sun doesn’t run out, you will always have a supply. The initial costs of setting up power panels might be high, but long-run wise, you get to save a lot. On top of it, you are helping save forests from tree harvests to produce electricity too.


Fewer cars, greener transportation

BBC states, “Going car-free was the number-one most effective action an individual could take (except not having kids – but more on that on that later).” Cars contribute a lot of carbon footprint to the atmosphere. The number of vehicles that give off CO2 causes global warming.

Right now, some cities consider redesigning their urban spaces to support a more car-free location. As that is highly ideal, what you can do is consider walking, taking public transportation or lessen going out.


Support movements

The online world is powerful in campaigning for a better environment. You become more updated just by looking up the news in your timelines or social media platforms. Many movements and initiatives are present.

Support these movements to make environmental advocacies more focused and real. You never know how one like or one share can educate the next person about what is going on in the environment. Every small thing helps.


Practise proper waste management

Waste volumes accumulate to very high levels which can turn toxic to environments and wildlife. More waste means more greenhouse gases. Start at home and start in tiny steps.

You can begin with proper waste management to lessen the waste that can cause climate change.

  • Reduce your waste as much as possible
  • Reuse some items that still prove to be useful
  • Recycle waste that can still turn into another form of resource
  • Practise more sustainable methods like growing crops and composting as much as possible
  • Partner with local people like Aussie Junk who can do the recycling for you



Climate change is real. It doesn’t just end with one person’s effort. Everybody has to work hand in hand to reduce the planet’s devastation. You can start today and you can start with our team, who can
recycle your waste to make rubbish more manageable.


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