5 Food Waste Disposal Techniques

Australia is in deep food trouble. With around 7.3 million tonnes of food waste every year, the country must spend billions of dollars to eliminate food properly. Your uneaten pasta pack may look like a small pack. Collate it with all the other food that residents need to throw out, and about $20 billion budget is out each year for food waste management.

There are methods you can do to help lessen the food waste volume. Most of them don’t cost a lot to do.


Use segregation containers

Before starting your food waste disposal methods, set aside containers or bins specific to your food waste. This lessens the
dangerous vermin and pests that get attracted to your trash.

Keep them away from other segregated rubbish to minimise any trouble to other types of waste. The less mess your garbage creates, the fewer worries you have about regularly doing proper waste disposal methods.

  • Make sure the segregation bin is sturdy, has a fitted cover and doesn’t easily break. If you haven’t signed up for any local garbage scheme, you can invest or buy a specific bin/s for your food wastes alone.
  • Keep the container in another area far from your house i.e., a designated place in your backyard. Insects and rats can run around and create issues in your food garbage container.
  • Control the odour that comes out from the container by spraying repellents. This limits the attraction from vermin and the pests.


Set up a compost pit for food waste

Another more popular method is keeping a compost pit for food waste. This is a more natural and organic method of keeping food from going directly to the trash.

Some food scraps and items like eggshells, vegetables, fruits are good compost pit contents. The best part of having a compost pit is that the products in the compost can serve as a good fertiliser to your soil. Gardens can enjoy the things you throw away. You get to save money for fertiliser expenses too.


Incinerate food waste with low water content

There are some types of food that you can burn without giving out too many by-products to your environment and atmosphere. You can set up an outdoor fire pit along with your usual grilling session. Use the fire or the coal from your current barbecue grilling to burn off.

Do this only to food groups or food types with low water content, like corn and chicken skins, to avoid the accumulation of smoke. Do this in small batches to avoid big fires from escalating into disasters.


Check out local food waste schemes and programs

Local governments offer different waste management methods and schemes to entice businesses and suburbs to dispose and recycle garbage properly. For example, New South Wales’s FOGO (Food Organics and Garden Organics) scheme
is available to 43 councils.

Programs like “Love Food, Hate Waste” in NSW give monetary grants and are open to many eligible entities like businesses and communities for food disposal and management. Who said food waste disposal can’t be rewarding?


Donate permissible food items

Before you decide to throw out food waste, check first if they are still edible enough to give to other beneficiaries. Ironically, many people have a hard time securing healthy food, but the waste volume in Australia is increasing.

Donate your unwanted food to local charities or food centres. During times of need, some people and organisations hope to be recipients of food.

  • Check first the expiry dates of your packed goods to ensure that you’re not giving away spoiled food.
  • Canned goods are usually non-perishable when unopened. Make sure they weren’t open or tampered.



There are many ways to handle food waste to contribute less in the total waste volume. In addition to lessening food that goes straight to waste, you are helping the environment too.

You spare more forests from creating food batches that are not even consumed after production. Recycling is possible in many types of waste, food waste included.

Manage your food well to lessen the work needed to maintain your waste management.  This is your first step to more sustainable consumption.


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