15 Common Household Items That Can Attract Pests

Many households across Sydney suffer from minor to severe pest infestations. No matter how meticulous you are in keeping your home tidy and safe from pests, circumstances still permit those insects from invading your place.

There are many reasons why pests find their way to your home. One factor is your proximity to pest hotspots, or maybe you have stuff that draws them in. You may easily overlook it, but your typical household items can attract pests which pose mild to severe health risks.

To enlighten your mind, here are 15 common household items and areas in your house that can attract pests.


Food is the most appealing item for insects. Food waste and spillage can invite insects in a matter of minutes, especially sweet treats. Moreover, insects may bombard your unsealed food packings without you noticing it.

Rubbish Bins

Rubbish or trash attracts pests through its odour. The smell of rotting food and leachate can easily catch the attention of insects. Therefore, you should always ensure that your bins are entirely covered, and you take them out regularly. Also, don’t forget to wash your rubbish bins every month.

Uncleaned Dishes

Leaving unwashed dishes for several minutes in your kitchen sink causes insects to crowd on them. Hence, always keep your dishes clean and avoid providing a food source for hungry pests.


Your dusty stacks of paper can be home for roaches and silverfishes. Rarely touched piles of paper are ideal habitat for mites, causing them to ruin your important documents. 

To prevent this, you have to clean those papers up, get rid of unwanted ones and secure your essential documents on a tightly sealed plastic storage.

Indoor Plants  

Household plants are practical decorations for our houses. However, they can be enticing to pests too. Most insects prefer indoor conditions with high humidity provided by your plants. That’s why pests get through your plants, especially when you tend to overwater them or keep its soil with moisture. 


Pests inhabit on cluttered areas since they grant a safe place for them to thrive and reproduce. Your large clutters in the basement or attic are their favourite spots to live. Therefore, you should remove those clutters immediately to eliminate potential harborage from pests inside your home.


Our body releases saliva, sweat and mucus ‒ and we mostly find them on our beds. All these excrements may get through our beddings, causing bedbug infestation, especially if you haven’t wash or clean them for quite a long time.

Household Cracks and Gaps

It is common for our houses to have cracks and gaps. However, these spaces can become easy access points for pests to your home. Other insects, such as termites, could also live on small cracks and infest specific areas. 

To get rid of these damaging pests, you will need to cover-up the cracks and close those major termite entry points.


Some households pile their firewoods near the external walling of their houses. However, this becomes a space for pests to live. That’s why we recommend stacking your woods a few metres further from your home to keep those pests away.

Stagnant Water

The accumulation of still water can provide a place for pests to thrive, especially those mosquitos.  These insects are known to lay down their eggs on stagnant water. Therefore, getting rid of those water immediately will help you avoid dealing with more mosquitoes and other water-drawn insects.


Light bulbs radiate illumination and heat which can be alluring to many kinds of insects. Flying insects may flock around your household light bulbs a few moments after switching it on, especially if you are using mercury vapour and fluorescent globes. These bulbs emit low-level ultraviolet radiation that primarily attracts moths and insects.


Your pets, such as cats and dogs, are major transporters of fleas and bed bugs. Insects can stay on their hair, allowing them to breach your house.  Besides, your pet’s leftover food can attract different kinds of insects too.

Drains or Pipes

Insects can live and breed inside your kitchen or bathroom drains which can contribute to clogging. They feed on any organic materials such as food waste, grease or even your fallen hairs. Cleaning and unclogging your drains once a month may help you get rid of those pests.


Since pests are so fond of leftover food, they can’t miss your outdoor barbecue grills. That’s why cleaning right after your grill has cooled down is highly recommended. It would help if you avoid leaving your grills uncleaned since they can draw attention to pests.


Neglected gutters can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects. Twigs, leaves and other debris can gather in your gutters if left unchecked for a long time, giving a pleasant place for your unwanted guests.


Keeping your home clean and less attractive to pests is an essential part of living. Besides, no one wants to stay in a house full of rodents and roaches.

Though it is somehow impossible to completely get rid of all those items that may attract pests, you can always do something to minimise its effects through constant clean-up and removal of unwanted stuff.

However, you may find it tiresome and time-consuming to clean up all those unwanted rubbish, debris, clutters and piles of papers. Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal will help you keep your home free from junks and trashes that may cause pests infestation.

Our team offers a wide range of clean-up and rubbish removal services at your convenience. We will make sure to keep your house clean and tidy before we leave your place. Feel free to call us at ‪0435 569 921‬ or email us at info@aussiejunk.com.au for a free quote.

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