Tips When Doing Full House Cleanout and Light Demolition Jobs

Honestly, every one of us dreams of an enormous and exquisite house. So the moment we see an opportunity to upgrade our property, we claim it and conduct a renovation according to our preferences. 

In dealing with a renovation, you need to do a full house cleanout and light demolition jobs. These two processes can generate mountains of rubbish that will undoubtedly take up much space in your area. They can invite rodents and pests if not collected immediately or cause accidents, such as tripping. 

Here are some tips to avoid these unfortunate circumstances when doing a full house cleanout and light demolition job. 


Plan First

Renovating your house is not a one-day job. It would require careful planning to achieve your dream space slowly but surely. Together with architects or engineers, voice your opinions on how to modify the property according to your preference. Remember that you are designing a home that can last for several years. So, it is essential to take it seriously, leaving no regrets at the end. 


Clean out Spaces

During the demolition process, cleaning out your property before labourers can start renovating your room is vital. Find a spot where you can move furniture, appliances, and other home items. If possible, put them far away from the demolition area. 

Moreover, maximise the time to clear and throw away objects you don’t need anymore for your renovated space. If you plan to purchase new appliances and get rid of the old ones, you can book a rubbish removal company to transport your worn-out and broken items immediately


Clear out Demolition Debris Immediately

While the demolition is ongoing, you need to take care of the workers’ welfare. No matter how small the job is, you should make sure to clear out debris to avoid accidents from happening. Large rubbles are trip hazards, while broken glasses can inflict wounds unexpectedly. 

Furthermore, remember that local council pick-ups don’t collect construction and demolition waste since they take up too much space in landfills. So, you can maximise on a rubbish removal company’s eco-friendly services.

A well-established company like Aussie Junk has a vast network of recycling partners that can convert demolition waste into a useful end-product. 


Avoid Illegal Dumping

With the unusual rise in the waste generation when conducting a house renovation, you might feel tempted to leave them on the kerbside to avoid the hassle.

Just a friendly tip for you, authorities now have stricter laws regarding illegal dumping. You can pay up fines from $4000 to $7500 on the spot, or up to $250,000 for a continuing offence.  


Polish Things at The End

At the end of the renovation project, waste are bound to accumulate. Concrete rubbles, metal scraps, paints, and timber products are some of the rubbish you need to discard.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Proper waste segregation and disposal should be your number one priority unless you want to pay up fines. Check how you can classify types of waste here and how to transport them is available here

If it bothers you that much, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from a rubbish removal company, which can conduct same-day rubbish removal services for a fast and hassle-free procedure. 



As life goes on, you might see the need to upgrade your house through renovation. It would require a full house cleanout and light demolition job that would generate piles of rubbish during and at the end of the project. 

Dealing with waste can be quite exhausting. Add to it the service limitations of local council pick-ups. Thus, the best solution to get rid of bulky residential rubbish and demolition debris is to have a friend to rely on.

Here at Aussie Junk, we are your trusted partner for full house cleanout and house demolition services. For more than 20 years, we have developed a fast and efficient system to take care of your rubbish removal needs.    

We also promote a greener environment. We make sure to divert your wastes from landfills and transport them to appropriate recycling centres.

Moreover, our expert removalists follow the NSW EPA Regulation on proper waste management and disposal. Even in our little way, we can help save the environment. 

Do you need any tips on how to get rid of your waste the best way? Contact us now at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us a message via email

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