Why You Shouldn’t Keep Rubbish in Your Garage

There are plenty of smart ways to use your garage. It can be for additional storage when you have so many overwhelming things inside the house. It can be your additional sacred space i.e. your very own craft room or your partner’s personal cave. Basically, you can convert your garage into a different space that can add a light atmosphere to your homes. 

There are plenty of things you can do, but do you know what you shouldn’t do? You shouldn’t keep trash inside your garage. These are the reasons why:


Your garage can be used as additional storage for more important things in your home

Many people often convert their garages to house other things. Others, on the other hand, transform it into a personal workspace (like a carpentry area) or an add on the recreational area (like a minibar for guests) for people to unwind in. If your house lots are smaller than usual, your garages can be for parking space of your cars. With this, your vehicles will be protected from rain or hale or even possible theft. 

Using your garages as storage for your trash really affects the household especially in terms of garbage pickups. There’s a chance that you might end up missing local council rubbish pickups because your big trash is locked inside the garage, and you’re out doing and running errands for the day. Not to mention, that in some neighbourhoods, if you’re brave enough to leave your trash in the curbside for collection, your neighbours might send in some complaints. The local council can charge you fines for not following rules.


Your garage will eventually smell nasty

In an enclosed area like a garage, your trash will begin to smell, and the longer you leave your plastic bins inside, the worse the smell gets. Although there are ways to avoid the nasty odour rubbish gives off, it doesn’t guarantee that the smell will be completely wiped off. Even then, if the garbage is already in disposal, it will take another round of work to completely vanish the smell it leaves behind. This is especially evident when you leave the trash for longer periods of time.

It’s better to have a personal enclosure that is truly designed to house your trash for the meantime before its disposal. Keep that enclosure far away enough from your homes but close enough to be a convenient place to throw rubbish in a daily routine. Make sure your rubbish is well-kempt.


The trash in your garage will eventually attract vermin and insects

Keeping rubbish in your garages doesn’t only waste space, collect smell and cause overall hassle to your households. Keeping trash eventually attracts vermin and insects inside. Do you see trails of ants marching about? It’s probably because of some food waste that you didn’t throw properly. Well, how about some rats that are sneaking inside, do you want to see them? It’s probably because of that chicken leftover you threw inside the bag that attracted the vermin.

These insects and vermin can go through your rubbish containers and what’s worse is, they can eventually go inside your homes slowly. These pests can be harmful to your family especially to your children and pets if you leave them alone for a while. Not to mention, vermin extermination and pest control services can soar high in terms of costs.

There are plenty of ways to deal with your trash. Having them inside your garage is not the most ideal way to store them before proper disposal. There are other ways and places for your trash to go. Putting them in your garage is a waste of potentially more useful space.

Here at Aussie Junk, we offer services for household rubbish removal. We can pick up trash in your homes. You don’t have to worry about storing all that garbage in your garages and syncing your time schedules to the local garbage pickups, we’re there to do that nasty job for you. All you need to do is contact us. We’re all around Sydney. 

Give us a call at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an email at info@aussiejunk.com.au

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