How to Deal with Large Item Rubbish in Sydney

Dealing with trash already spells out a hassle that most of us don’t want to deal with. Imagine having to get rid of big springy sofas with matching worn out foams and antique cabinets twice your size weighing, four times as heavy as you. In a different case, think of all the old computer sets you want going by the end of the week to make way for new ones. Is your new home under renovation? Surely you need to deal with the construction waste afterwards.

Dealing with rubbish is hard enough as it is, having to think of how you’ll dispose of bigger trash is even harder. Your local council that deals with garbage collection and pick up don’t always pick up curbside garbage that is larger than usual. Aussie Junkcan handle your junk as efficiently as possible. Size isn’t a question. 

How exactly do we deal with your garbage, especially your large items?


Expert Rubbish Removers

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our overall collective experience of gathering rubbish has made us experts in rubbish removal. No matter the size of the trash you want us to cluster for pickup, we can do so for you. Our team of expert rubbish removers have been through enough experience in picking up different kinds of trash that they know how to deal with that old chandelier and thick foams you have sitting out on the garage.


Equipment and Price

Apart from our team of expert rubbish removers, we also succeed in collecting your rubbish by having effective equipment for us. We place the big junk you want to send away in our big trucks and haul it away. We also have bins and bags that help in keeping your waste. Our price is affordable. Each job is tailor-fitted to be as cost-efficient no matter the size of the trash you want us to dispose of.

To find out how much your rubbish removal task costs, send us a quote request at


Furthermore, before sending your waste to the local dump, we assess them further for recycling. We consider the fact that the real waste that should be sent off to the landfill is less than the rubbish we all collect. Believe it or not, your trash still has the potential to turn into something useful even if you think they aren’t serving their purpose anymore. We still have a long way to make this Earth as green as possible via small eco-friendly practices that will gradually make a change.

Do you remember that big television set you want to send away? As electronic trash, we can still find parts of it that can be used again after post-processing methods. Check out our article on how we take care of e-waste rubbish.



Here at
Aussie Junk, we dispose of the big trash for you. We offer rubbish removal services for your household rubbish, office trash, construction aftermath and deceased estates. We make your waste disposal as smooth as possible, no matter the size and shape.

Do you have a big waste disposal job you want done? We collect junk across Sydney and we can collect yours too. Give us a call at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an email at

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Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk is a proud local Sydney rubbish removal company. We help educate Aussies on the importance of environmental topics such as recycling, hygiene, personal and social well-being and sustainability. Free up more valuable space in your life by calling our local team to help clear and clean out your junk today.

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