Plastic or Metal Trash Bin: Which is Better?

Wastes are everywhere. As our way of life continues to advance and fixates on convenience, rubbish generation piles up on a much larger scale. As you probably notice, we depend on plastics for packaging, paper for documents, and metals for electronics ─ to name a few. 

After some time, unwanted and unusable items go to waste treatment facilities such as landfills or recycling centres. However, some people have been dumping their wastes in waterways or the streets. According to National Geographic, there are about 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean and counting. 

Littering has negative impacts on the environment. Aside from destroying our waterways, it also degrades the lives of animals in the affected areas. Thus, we should start managing our waste, which all starts in our homes. 

Having the right type and size of bin is crucial for waste management. Are you wondering which is the best choice between plastic and metal bins? Aussie Junk is here to help you pick which trash bin is the best for you. 

Plastic Rubbish Bins


Plastic rubbish bins are usually high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a robust plastic material. HDPE has greater durability and chemical resistance than its other polyethylene type, known as low-density polyethylene (LDPE). It has a plastic identification code no. 2, which is highly recyclable. 

With these properties, plastic rubbish bins end up in most households to store waste until collection day. Before purchasing one, you need to decide if they are the right one for you. Check out their advantages and disadvantages below. 


  • They cannot easily deform when hit or knocked over. 
  • They can vary in size, ideal for small rooms and spaces. 
  • They are light, making them easier to move. 
  • They are easier to wash and clean. 
  • They are readily available as colour-coded containers.
  • They are relatively cheaper than metal bins.


  • They are prone to scratches, marks, and splits. 
  • They absorb the stinky odour of waste. 
  • They have a shorter life span than metal bins.

Metal Rubbish Bins


Depending on the manufacturer and design, metal rubbish bins are usually made of aluminium or galvanised steel. Most metal bins appear shiny grey and large-sized containers, ideal for outdoor spaces.

However, modern designs now incorporate wheels and colours for better function and aesthetic appeal. 

If you plan to invest in metal rubbish bins, check out their advantages and disadvantages below. 


  • They don’t absorb the foul odour from waste.
  • They are perfect for heavy-load rubbish.
  • They have a relatively long life span. 
  • They are more recyclable than their plastic counterpart. 


  • They deform easily after impact.
  • They are harder to wash because of cutting edges and oxidation. 
  • They are fixed in one place most of the time.
  • They are more expensive than plastic bins.

Which Trash Bins are the Best?


Choosing the best rubbish bins depends on the homeowner’s preference and needs. However, as experts in the field, we suggest having plastic rubbish bins for recyclables and non-organic items. Also, you must incorporate every room with at least one waste container. 

On the other hand, metal rubbish bins are perfect for food waste and organics. And if possible, they should be placed outdoors or in an open area to prevent dirty and stinky indoors that may attract pests and rodents. Furthermore, it is essential to close them with tight lids and to remove rotting items immediately.



Proper waste management starts at home. Thus, you need to know the best type of trash bins according to your wants and needs. Whether you choose plastic or metal, the most vital part is you should free your house from unwanted junk. 

Luckily, Aussie Junk is just one call away to assist you with your rubbish needs. No matter where you are in Sydney, our removalists are always on alert to bring you top-rated yet affordable rubbish removal services. We have trained and developed state-of-the-art methodologies for quick and safe rubbish removal. 

Moreover, we have the right tools and equipment to serve you without limits. Within an hour after your call, expect our truck to be at your front door, ready to remove and transport dirty piles of rubbish.

We are available 24/7. Hurry and get your free quote now when you book an appointment online. Also, you can contact us at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us a message via email

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