10 Outdoor Trash Bins and Their Pros and Cons

In Australia, littering and improper disposal have been ongoing waste management problems for years. Australians litter about 7 billion cigarette butts every year.

Furthermore, Sydney Water has reported collecting about a million plastics in our waterways annually. These littered items pose severe dangers to people’s health and the environment. Thus, we should do everything we can to prevent them from happening. 

It all starts at home. Having outdoor bins on your property or on the front of the street will prevent littering. Moreover, they will ensure cleanliness and hygiene inside your house. As you dump your wastes outside, no pests or rodents will disturb you at night. 

Aussie Junk is here to help you choose the perfect bins according to your preference and needs. Check out these 10 outdoor trash bins and their pros and cons:

Hooded Plastic Rubbish Bin

There’s nothing wrong with choosing the conventional. The hooded plastic rubbish bin has been proven and tested over time.

It is usually made out of polyethylene, a strong plastic material. With its easy-push lid cover, throwing out wastes can be convenient and safe from leaks and foul smells.  


  • It is readily available in the market with varying sizes.
  • It can resist impact.
  • Its colour coding scheme prioritises proper waste segregation.
  • It is relatively cheaper.


  • It is prone to marks, scratches, and splits.
  • Its absorbed stinky smell is hard to remove. 
  • It does not present ‘uniqueness’.

Four-wheel Rubbish Bin

It is a vital factor for outdoor bins to have an easy-to-move feature. A four-wheel rubbish bin offers mobility, which is perfect if you need to move massive piles of clutter for the council pick-up. 


  • Typical wheelie bins can carry up to three completely-filled waste bags at once. 
  • It offers easy access and mobility.
  • It can readily be available for the scheduled council waste collection


  • The more wastes it holds, the heavier it is to carry.
  • It is hard to unload when the junks are not packed in bags. 
  • Sometimes, pressure washing is necessary.

Stainless Rubbish Bin with Ashtray

The stainless rubbish bin, a type of metal bin, is one of the common choices among homeowners. Its shiny and greyish appearance can add elegance to the outdoor space. 

Adding an ashtray with the usual stainless container can reduce the littering of cigarette butts, which is the most littered rubbish in Australia.  


  • Stainless steel doesn’t rust and absorb foul odours. 
  • It has a relatively long life span.
  • It is the perfect bin for the designated smoking areas.
  • It is more recyclable than plastic waste containers. 


  • Most are fixed in one place, so it doesn’t offer mobility. 
  • It can easily deform after impact.
  • It is more expensive than its plastic counterpart.

Step-on Rubbish Bin

Trash bins are full of germs. So just like the feature on indoor waste containers, step-on rubbish bins only require a step to open the cover. Dealing with filthy and dirty wastes won’t be a problem anymore when you put this in your outdoors.  


  • It minimises the transmission of germs.
  • People can avoid directly smelling the foul odour of wastes.  
  • It is more convenient for most people.


  • The larger it is, the more step force it requires.
  • The lever is prone to damage through time.
  • Typical sizes are not large enough as outdoor bins.

Kerbside Recycling Bin

A kerbside recycling bin, especially on the streets, can minimise the illegal dumping of plastic bottles. Some communities have designated places where people can put their consumed plastic bottles. It holds the plastic bottles until local council pick-ups collect them. 


  • It reduces the chance of plastic bottles ending up in rivers. 
  • It supports the campaign for increasing the recycling rate. 
  • It promotes community engagement to save the environment. 


  • Some people are mixing other wastes in the bin. 
  • Without monitoring, the campaign for collecting recyclable plastic bottles will fail.

Waste Storage Shed

Some households, especially those that have more occupants, are generating more wastes than usual. So investing in a waste storage shed might help them manage their waste more effectively. 

Typically, it is a few metres away from the house. This type of rubbish bin is common in remote areas where council pick-ups have limited access. 


  • It prevents pests and rodents infestation.
  • It helps avoid disgusting rubbish smell inside the house.
  • It is also ideal for flats and other establishments that generate mountains of wastes daily. 


  • It requires someone who should manage the waste storage bin. 
  • Without proper knowledge on waste segregation and disposal, authorities may impose fines in case of illegal dumping. 
  • The shed will require cleaning and sanitation from time to time.

Compost Bin

If you want to get rid of your organic wastes in the eco-friendliest way possible, make a compost bin outside your house. Materials such as leaves, vegetable peelings, food scraps, and paper can be fertilisers after storing them in the compost. 


  • It helps the environment by reducing landfilling and providing nutrients to plants. 
  • It improves the structure and quality of the garden soil. 
  • It reduces the cost of purchasing commercial fertilisers. 


  • It requires proper knowledge of composting and a lot of labour. 
  • It creates an unpleasant smell.
  • It attracts rodents and bugs in the compost area.

Outdoor Open Rubbish Bin

Most public places have an outdoor open rubbish bin. It is an ideal waste container for parks, walkways, and malls as people can effortlessly drop their junks. 


  • It can accommodate lots of rubbish.
  • It can withstand several weather conditions. 
  • When incorporated in the landscape design, it can enhance the beauty of the garden. 


  • It invites flies, bugs, and rodents since it has no lid cover. 
  • Unloading wastes can be a challenge for rubbish collectors.
  • It can spread an unpleasant smell in the neighbourhood.

Motion Sensor Rubbish Bin

Thanks to the advancement of technology, a motion sensor rubbish container offers convenience to people. Also, it brings excitement to people who are amazed by innovation. This type of bin automatically opens when it detects a motion. 


  • It minimises germ contact. 
  • It is a unique type of bin. 
  • Its materials can resist impact. 


  • When placed outdoors, children might play with it frequently. 
  • It is prone to damage over time. 
  • It requires a battery or consumes electricity. 
  • It is expensive.

Plastic Recycling Machine

Germany has introduced a plastic recycling machine that takes used water bottles in exchange for coins. It is a great innovation that can help prevent littering and illegal dumping. It promotes recycling while getting some money back. 

It is hard to own a plastic recycling machine in front of houses. But having it in schools will teach children to practice recycling at an early stage. Thus, authorities must invest in this kind of machine to help reduce landfilling the recyclables. 


  • It reduces the chance of throwing plastic bottles in the waterways. 
  • It promotes communal responsibility to save the environment. 


  • It requires constant monitoring and maintenance.
  • It is high-priced.


Proper waste management starts within ourselves. One way to stay away from the temptation of littering and illegal dumping is by setting up outdoor waste bins in convenient locations. Hopefully, with the presented 10 outdoor trash bins and their pros and cons, you can select the right one for you. 

And if ever you need assistance in throwing away piles of wastes, Aussie Junk is 24/7 available wherever you are in Sydney. Our skilled removalists are the leading experts in all kinds of rubbish removal services. We have developed efficient and advanced methodologies to cater to all of your needs. 

Expect our friendly staff within an hour after your call, equipped with the appropriate protective gears and tools. 

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