Planning for Office Strip Out? Read This First

Office renovations are often significant milestones in a company’s history. If your company started out small, getting a bigger location is a big deal. Building a better office space entices company productivity and camaraderie between workers. But before all that, you need intense planning for an office strip out.

Make your workplace a clean slate ready for construction, design and renovation. Prepare the office first before it is prepared for you. 

Before your company undergoes an office strip out, it is best to know what to do first. You can also benefit from a helping hand to manage your office strip out. Aussie Junk is present to answer to your messy office spaces after its strip out process.

As a team of experienced rubbish experts, we can make things easier and clearer for you in the office. We can collect the construction waste after your office is stripped out. 

Is your company planning an office strip-out? Can this take some time and cause a little disturbance in your workflow? Read this first.

Plan things ahead

An office strip out often involves moving and discarding things from the workplace. It can cost a lot of time and effort to do. In turn, it causes a lot of disturbance in normal work. It is best to plan things.

Sort out your desk things. Please make sure you pack and keep them in storage until the time comes you’re back in your own office desk again. The company should prepare for the strip out and schedule company activities accordingly.

Classify the things in the workplace 

Over its course, your company has probably accumulated so many things inside. When your company plans the office strip out, a lot of things will come to the surface. You might not use some of these things anymore.

It’s time to let them go or dispose of them from your company inventory. This also saves money and effort if many office things are in storage services. Be careful in deciding which items to let go of and hold on to. 

Store office things or sell them

Before your office location undergoes a strip out, pack your things well. The same goes for company devices and equipment that are important. Use only durable boxes and storage containers that are still usable for future use.

Take special note and put fragile indicators, especially for delicate things. Lessen extra expenses from damaged goods and equipment.

On the other hand, there are things you can get rid of. To make some extra cash, consider selling the still useful things. You can post these items on the web or join online marketplaces to create office ware.

Furniture and equipment still have some value even to second-hand buyers. This can give extra fluid cash to your company. You can also use this cash to buy newer things or necessary office items for the office. 

Call rubbish removalists 

The post-strip-out part is as crucial as the strip out itself. Office strip outs always generate construction waste and settle dust and debris everywhere. Enquire with your local rubbish removalists. Have somebody collect the construction waste afterwards.

We can offer our construction and office rubbish removal services for your strip out. Dealing with garbage shouldn’t be hard.


Aussie Junk offers its rubbish removal services for you and your company. We can help in clearing things you don’t need anymore. Get rid of that worn-out furniture, office pantry appliances or even office supplies.

Our office rubbish removal service is perfect for clearing up your office space. All you need to do is contact us!

You can call us at ‪0435 569 921‬ , or you can send us an email here

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Aussie Junk

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