How to Dispose of Old Bathtub and Spa in Sydney

It’s time. You finally decide that it’s time to let go of your bathroom’s old setup. It’s time to get a renovation for your comfort rooms. Part of your plans includes a change in the design and overall theme of the bathroom. 

However, this comes with a catch. This also means replacing your old bathtub. To add, you also want to get rid of that old spa. This is an essential step in your bathroom renovation. It’s time to say goodbye to these old comfort room essentials. 

It seems easy to replace these bathroom necessities in mind. The question is, how exactly can you dispose of that old bathtub and spa? There are many ways to get rid of these items in your home. All you need to do is choose and handle it well. Lucky for you, disposing of bathtub and spa is simple now. You can even ask for the help of your local rubbish removalists for help. Aussie Junk can make things even easier for you. 

Before disposing of your bathtub or spa, there are necessary steps you need to do. You need to take the bathtub or spa out of its place first.

  • Turn off any electrical switches and devices in your bathroom. Better yet, turn off your home’s power source.
  • Close up the plumbing connected to the bathtub and spa too.
  • Dry the bathtub or spa and remove any connected parts and accessories. 
  • Choose to cut those objects to smaller pieces or get rid of them in their own large-sized state. 

Before you decide to dispose of these large items out of your home, prepare them first. This can help in clearing up your bathroom. You will also be able to help the people who are going to collect your old bathtub or spa. 

Phone in rubbish removalists 

Aussie Junk offers rubbish removal and can take out your old bathtub and spa set for you. As a team with more than two decades of expertise, we can help with these kinds of rubbish. We know that big and bulky things like bathtubs and spas pose a hassle in collection and disposal.

This is why we handle all sorts of rubbish removal jobs across Sydney. We want to cut the distress this garbage can give you. You don’t need to worry about large items like your old bathtubs and spas. 

Sell the items

If you want to make more value out of your old bathroom essentials, you can sell them at lower prices. You might not get too much money out of it, but at least you can get rid of these large items at home. There are many shops and locations that you can take these items to. You can even to choose to sign up to an online marketplace. Afterwards, you can sell these items to somebody else. Craig’s List and Facebook are always available as your marketplace solution.

Send to landfill

There are other ways of getting rid of a bathtub or spa. After dismantling them out of place, you can choose to cut them out. Break them down into smaller pieces that you can fit into the garbage bin. Bathtubs and spas are porcelain or breakable material. You can break them down into finer pieces with more force and effort. After putting them into containers, you can take them straight to the landfill.


Letting go of your bathtub and spa requires great effort and energy. Generally, big items can cause some annoyance and trouble. If you need help disposing of these items across Sydney, Aussie Junk is available.

As a team of expert rubbish removalists, we can take care of these large bathroom items for you. You don’t need to figure out how to get rid of them. Call us up and we will be there for you in no time. Just contact us!

You can call us at ‪0435 569 921‬ or book your job online here.

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