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Get rid of large amounts of timber in Sydney without going to the dump!

Do you need fast and reliable timber removal service in Sydney? You’ve come to the right place!

We offer on-time, affordable, and quality service that's always on time.

Did the timber in your private power poles, fences and decking recently collapse? Aside from the risks of collapsing or decaying timber, getting rid of such heavy materials is daunting.

At Aussie Junk, we can load any massive types of timber wastes you have in place. Although timbers are renewable and environment-friendly building materials compared to steel, aluminium and concrete, it’s never immune to wear and tear.

After years of being sturdy, timbers exposed to extreme environmental factors can probably collapse, decay or rot. It becomes handy when that happens. You need highly skilled and efficient removers to eliminate your timber waste.


Here are some of the reasons why you should hire Aussie Junk for timber removal in Sydney

On-time & ready

We have advanced equipment so all you have to do is point what you want us to take away! It's as easy as that!

We do all the hard work

We'll come to your home, office, or business and handle everything from loading to dumping. We are always on time and dispose of your old furniture responsibly.

High-quality Service

Don't pay too much for furniture rubbish removal services. We offer the fairest prices in town while maintaining high standards of professionalism. Our services are always on time and we'll go the extra mile to make sure your home and office are always clean.

No heavy lifting

We have advanced equipment so all you have to do is point what you want us to take away! It's as easy as that!

Affordable and Reliable

One call is all it takes: we'll come to your house and take care of everything for a competitive price. And we don't break your budget — we offer great deals on large jobs!

No Expensive, Time-Consuming Renovations Needed

Don't want to renovate and redecorate the whole house just to fit in a few pieces of furniture? No problem! With us, you can get rid of them without any hassle.

Emergency Rubbish Removal

Need some quick help with junk?
Call us no matter what time of day, we're ready for your emergency rubbish removal needs. We'll come to you right away with our fleet of trucks to take away all that debris in no time.

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Same-Day Timber & Wood Removal Sydney

At Aussie Junk, we have the latest machinery to lift and collect any sizes of timber and wood waste in your place.

Our team consists of highly skilled removers that can safely and efficiently remove even the most massive and bulkiest timbers. We see that we arrive on time in hauling the different types of timber and woods in your place.

With the risks of timber removal, we make sure to equip our highly experienced with all the machinery and equipment in lifting, hauling, disposing and recycling huge timber wastes.

We also have a massive fleet of trucks to load your timber wastes. As some decaying timber posts can threaten anyone, we wear all the protective equipment to ensure safety in executing timber removal. 

As we advocate environment-friendly rubbish removal, our team always ensure to recycle all timber and wood wastes we collect from you. We have partnered with the vast network of resource recovery and recycling facilities across the Sydney area.

We guarantee to give you only the most eco-friendly, affordable and efficient timber removal anytime.

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Types of Timber We Take in Sydney

Eliminating timber wastes is never an easy task. But our over 20 years of industry experience enable us to establish the best team of rubbish removers in the Sydney region.

We have built a long-lasting relationship with all our customers as we offer nothing but the top-notch quality of rubbish removal. 

Our decades-long experience enables us to stand the test of time in delivering top-notch rubbish removal services in residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

We can eliminate any types and sizes of timbers in your place. Our team can also arrive on-time when you urgently need to remove your timber posts, fence, decking and other wood wastes.

Our team knows how to handle, treat and recycle different types of timbers that other companies and services would reject. Our timber removal service takes the following items:

  • Untreated timber or wood
  • Softwood/Hardwood
  • Laminated Chipboard/ Particle Board
  • Fibreboard/ MDF (Medium-density fibreboard)
  • Lead Painted Timber
  • Timber pallets
  • Masonite/ Melamine
  • Timber with plastic, metal, cardboard and brick contamination
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A very trustful and professional company that conduct the job with efficiency, quality and honesty. I recommend to everyone who wish to have a positive experience when removing rubbish in any occasion.

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