10 Best Tips To Keep Your Garage Looking Neat & Tidy

Garages are often used as a dumping ground for junk that you cannot find room for elsewhere. Your garage may contain old furniture, broken ornaments and even things that your family no longer uses such as clothes and toys. 

If this pile of junk has been growing over months and years, it can be time for it to take up residence in the garbage dumpster instead. The good news is that there are many ways to organise junk so that you can reclaim your garage and use it as a proper storage space again:

1. Use Garage Shelving

Garage shelving is proving to be one of the most popular ways of storing items inside garages these days. You can either build your own using metal or purchase pre-made shelves from your local home improvement store.

2. Store Tall Items In Wire Shelving Units

Wire shelving units are another popular type of garage shelving as they can accommodate tall items without any problems. They take up very little space and depending on the size, you may be able to install them high up on your walls so that they don’t even impinge on the available floor space inside your garage!

3. Use Plastic Garbage Bins To Organise Junk

Plastic garbage bins with lids are great for storing things like old Christmas decorations or gardening tools which you don’t use too often – but need easy access to when you do need them. Before buying new garbage bins, check out what’s already in your house – most people find that they have at least a few storage bins which could be reused for this purpose.

4. Tackle The Junk By Category

If you try and organise your junk by category, it will make the whole process much easier because if a category is already neatly packed away, there’s no need to struggle with every single type of item in that category – just focus on one thing at a time!

For example, if you want to start by storing garden tools inside your garage, gather together every single one of them so that you can work out how many garbage bins you would need if you were going to store them all inside. Then divide the number of items by the number of storage bins available and this should tell you how many more bins you actually need you will require. 

For example, 100 items divided by 9 bins gives you 11 – so the answer is that you’ll need at least 11 garbage bins to store all of your gardening tools together inside your garage.

5. Group Items By Function

As part of the organising process, try grouping similar items together in their respective categories. A wheelbarrow full of rakes is not going to be very helpful if you find yourself needing a rake without its wheelbarrow! 

Another example would be storing everyday household items like cleaning products and toilet rolls inside one section (perhaps with some shelving units above them for storage), while having another section for outdoor furniture like patio chairs and table sets since they are likely used during different seasons of the year and stored in different places.

6. Use The Garage Wall To Create Storage

Garages often have a high ceiling so it’s possible to use this as an advantage when you need storage space. Hang large items such as bicycles, scooters or even ladders from the ceiling using strong rope and sturdy hooks as if they were decorating your garage wall. This will free up valuable floor space and also makes these things easy to access should you need them for household projects – just take down the ropes and hooks!

7. Consider A Work Bench For Tools

Tools like hammers and screwdrivers can be kept inside a toolbox and then placed on top of a workbench where it is easily accessible when want to fix something around your home. This means that they will be stored in a logical place and you won’t have to dig through your outdoor bins for tools as often as you may do right now.

8. Store Garden Tools Inside Wire Storage Baskets

Wire storage baskets are quite popular right now and can easily fit inside garages to help organise garden tools like rakes, hoes and shovels. A great way of using these baskets is by placing them inside a plastic garbage bin – this makes it easy to move both the wire basket and the garbage bin once it’s full of gardening equipment!

9. Organise Can Goods By Category Instead Of Alphabetically

Canned goods such as canned vegetables or baked beans often end up all over your garage floor after they are stored in paper bags or cardboard boxes.

Try thinking of a better storage method – one which would make it easy to find the can goods you need when you want them! For example, storing canned vegetables inside wire storage baskets means that they will stay in place and be easier to access when you are looking for something healthy to cook for dinner.

10. Label Everything

Lastly, always remember to label your items – especially if it’s a large item that is not used very often. This way, when it comes time to stock up on groceries or prepare for family gatherings at Christmas, you do not have to spend hours wondering where each thing has been stored inside your garage.

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