Climate Change in Australia: Top 10 Interesting Facts

The detrimental effects of climate change are seen and felt across the globe. Over the years, human activities have gravely contributed to the changes we see and feel today. Although there are viable and necessary reasons in procuring our natural resources such as human life existence. We can’t escape from the choices we have made. 

From extreme weather temperatures and series of climate events, these are the devastating consequences we are dealing due to our negligent actions. These consequences must be addressed accordingly since it has significantly affected the environment, economy and eventually the future generations.

Climate Change: Australia’s 10 Mind-Blowing Facts

Human activities since the Industrialisation era have significantly contributed to the world’s global issue–
climate change. Discover what are contributing factors to the extreme changes in our weather and the adverse effects. 

Listed below are Australia’s mind-blowing facts related to climate change and factors that contributed to global warming.

Fact #1 Carbon Dioxide Atmospheric Concentration is on the Rise

In 2019, Australia recorded carbon dioxide level of 410 parts per million (ppm). Despite the slow-down of global fossil-fuel emission due to COVID-19 pandemic,
CO2 atmospheric concentration is still on the rise.

Fact #2 Australia is Experiencing Extreme Heat Consecutively

In 2018-19
Bureau of Meteorology, some parts of the country including South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria has recorded the hottest summer. The extreme temperature even caused bushfires, power outages, livelihood and health issues to the residents of the affected areas. 

Fact #3 Tasmania Recorded Extreme Heat

Tasmania recorded above
99th percentile of its average temperature. The sweltering weather and the absence of Monsoon rains in the region caused waterholes to dry up and took its toll on wildlife, cattle and their crops.  

Fact #4 Extreme Weather Events Resulted in Economic Loss

Between October 2019 and February 2020, the bushfire burned down approximately 13 million hectares of land in the New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. The extreme weather did not only caused environmental damages and health issues but it also resulted in economic loss. 

As of January this year, approximately 740 million dollars of insurance losses were recorded as a result of the bushfires.

Fact #5 Australia’s Sea Levels are Rising and Sea Surface is Warming

global mean sea level has increased, reaching over 3cm per decade. The ongoing sea-level rise is expected to accelerate and sea surface continues to warm for the coming years.

Fact #6 Electricity Generation Leads to Greenhouse Gas Emission

Electricity sources across Australia amounted up to
179.9 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2019. While the emissions in the transport sector reached over 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in the same year.

Fact #7 Industrial Facilities Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Emission

Industrial facilities in the country emitted around
750 million kilograms of carbon monoxide in 2019. Breathing high concentrations of this toxic gas leads to health issues and worse death.

Fact #8 Australia is one of the Largest CO2 Exporters Around the World

When you think of large fossil-fuel consumer, normally, Saudi Arabia, Russia, USA, these are the countries that spring to mind. In fact,
Australia ranks third in exporting the largest amount of fossil fuel around the globe.

Fact #9 Warming of the Sea Surface Affected the Coral Reef

In 2017, a massive coral bleaching and affected the Great Barrier Reef.
Coral bleaching is brought by environmental conditions such as an influx of fresh water. When the corals are in distress, they release symbiotic algae that live in their tissues which turns the corals completely white. 

Fact #10 Australia Produces 95% Single-Use Plastic Each Year

You may have believed that your waste had ended up in the sanitary landfills or recycling facilities. In 2017, an estimated of approximately
130,000 tonnes of plastic ends up in our waterways each year.

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