When is the Best Time to Get Rid of Old Mattresses

A good night’s sleep keeps us energetic and productive during the day. Sometimes, we are deprived of having that beauty sleep due to plenty of factors to consider. For instance, what did you eat, and how much water or caffeinated drinks did you consume?

Mobile devices and other viewing devices is also contributing factor as it can stimulate your brain to be active during sleeping hours making it even more difficult to sleep. Then, there’s your pillow, bedding and mattress.

The quality of sleep is also determined by the quality of your mattress whether you prefer it to be on the softer side or a bit more firm to ensure sweet dreams and productive days ahead. 

How long can I use my mattress?

Over time, mattresses will eventually lose their ability to provide comfort and the support needed for a good night’s sleep. This means that everyone has to dispose of their mattresses several times in their lifetime.

The type and quality of your mattress will determine how long it can last. The usual average life span of a mattress is 10 years, while beds with lesser quality and durability are likely to last on an average scale of 5 to 7 years. Mattresses with impressive quality will likely last for about 15 years.

There are a few ways on how to extend the life span of your mattress, but it is definitely not recommended for varied reasons. Apart from the fact that not everyone can afford to buy a brand new mattress, it might raise other health issues notably hygiene and skin issues. Unknowingly, we sweat a lot while we were sleeping and dust mites can develop gradually.

How will I know my mattress is worn out

When you purchase a brand new mattress, you’re often told that you have to replace it every 7 years others 10. It will also depend on the brand and quality you obtained. However, a deformed mattress is clearly a distinct indicator that you need to buy a new one even if it hasn’t past its warranty. But, for some reason, some people will likely keep their mattresses despite the concerns.

Otherwise, contemplate on these questions. And if your answer will end up with, “I need a new mattress” then, yes. It’s worn out and you need to procure a new one.

  • Why do I always wake up tired or achy, 
  • Why is the mattress lumpy and ripping in some parts, and
  • Why is it sagging

If you are considering keeping old mattresses, we have gathered several tips and simple criteria for you. It will help you weigh your options on when to remove or dispose of your used mattresses.

Mattress Recycling 

Mattress recycling is involved in ripping the components of the mattress apart and reuse them. Here are some tips with mattress recycling:


Mattress padding and foams can be repurposed and stuffed in throw pillows, cushions or pet beddings. Fabrics can be used as rags as well.


If your mattress is still in good and clean condition, but it wasn\t just right for you. There’s a higher chance you can resell it for a discounted price.


Donate your old mattress. You may know someone that could benefit from your used mattresses, but make sure it is still usable and in good shape.


Most of the time, if we’re left with no other option, throw it. However, be responsible in disposing of your mattress. 

Mattress Refurbishing

Mattress refurbishing is just another fancy word for old or used. Refurbished mattresses are reconditioned and reupholstered. Once it’s renewed, it will be sold to a cheaper or discounted price. Mattress refurbishing has its positive and negative aspects at the same time.


  • Environmentally friendly since there’s no need to procure fresh materials and keeping them from landing in our landfills. 
  • Cost-effective because it’s cheaper and affordable especially for a low-income household. 


  • It may appear new but you’ll never know if, under its brand new upholstery, it underwent a sanitation process.

Consider the risk against the benefits when you purchase a refurbished mattress. However, there are reputable stores where you can ask what steps have been taken and don’t forget to obtain a written “return policy”


There are several ways to save money on a new mattress if you know how to find it. Some online retailers offer lower cost and as good-as-brand-new mattresses. Just hone your searching skills and you will definitely find the best one for you. While a refurbished mattress is simply a subtle option between the new and costly mattress, the decision is all up to you.

Old and deformed mattresses can lead to various issues. Irresponsible disposal of old mattresses could end up in a landfill. Hence, be responsible for your actions respectively. So, when is the best time to get rid of your mattress? Simply take a look at our list of criteria in deciding when to change or toss your mattresses. But, the final decision will always end up to you.

For thorough, professional and efficient disposal of your old mattresses, Aussie Junk offers a wide range of removal services. Easy, convenient and saves you time and money.

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