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Municipality of Hunter's Hill
Kerbside Junk Collection Info

Proper waste disposal takes a lot of effort, more so when bulky items are involved. They’re heavy and pretty much impossible to fit in our regular bins. Sigh. So, when these start to pile up without a clear disposal path, people resort to illegal dumping—a quick yet environmentally detrimental method of waste disposal.

To counter this practice, the Municipality of Hunter’s Hill grants free annual kerbside collection for every household. Fantastic, right? But everything’s not as easy as merely handing over all your waste. There are specifications and regulations that you have to note and prepare for.      

These include the collection dates, items they take, booking instructions, and perhaps alternative solutions for missed collections and the things they couldn’t take. We’ll discuss each one of these considerations to optimise your rubbish removal experience.         

What Items Can Hunter’s Hill Council Take?

Hunter’s Hill doesn’t take garden and food waste like other councils. The council encourages residents to place these wastes in green lid bins or use them as garden compost instead. Specifically, they only limit their collection to the following items:

  1. Furniture (e.g. tables, chairs, cabinets, soft furnishings)
  2. Broken toys
  3. Mattresses
  4. Flat-packed kitchens (no nails)
  5. Carpets (rolled and tied, must not have a length greater than 1.2 metres)
  6. White goods
  7. General household items (bagged and weigh less than 10 kg per bag)

Make sure to pre-book your waste with the council’s waste contractor and limit your items to up to 3 cubic metres per collection only. Otherwise, they’ll leave your unbooked or excess junk behind.

What Items Are Not Accepted by Hunter’s Hill Council?

Generally, the council won’t accept unbooked items. But, apart from that, there are also certain items they couldn’t take and dump in landfills for health and environmental reasons.

These include the following:

  1. Building materials (e.g. doors, windows, concrete, fence, soil, bathroom fixtures)
  2. Chemical waste (garden and household) 
  3. Gas cylinders and paints
  4. Car parts (e.g. engines, car batteries, or tyres)
  5. Green waste (bagged or bundled) 
  6. Recyclable materials (e.g. bottles, newspaper, cardboard)
  7. Oversize items (e.g. sinks, toilets, commercial-size fridges)

Since council cleanups discard collected waste in landfills, they couldn’t just take recyclable materials, such as bottles and papers. You are responsible for putting them in blue or yellow-laid recycling bins or taking them to nearby Community Recycling Centres (CRCs). 

These CRCs also accept e-wastes and car parts for free. So, you can take them there instead of waiting for a council cleanup to pick them up—that just won’t happen!

As for hazardous items, especially chemicals, you may dispose of them at a Household Chemical Cleanout event. It’s an annual program hosted by voluntary regional waste groups with the support of EPA.

Although it’s usually held in the Sydney, Illawarra, and Hunter regions, the service is free and open to all NSW residents unless restricted by the host council. 

Contact Information on Municipality of Hunter's Hill

Want to avail the free annual waste collection?

Arrange it by calling the council at 1300 136 460 or through their online booking. Note that the booking cut-off time is every Tuesday before the collection week. Furthermore, mattress collection is excluded from bookings made for the last week of December and the first week of January. These will instead be collected on the second week of January’s Monday or Tuesday.

What if I missed a service?

Although the council’s not liable for any missed collection if you fail to prepare your waste on the kerbside, you may still ring up a report or an inquiry at 1300 136 460.

To avoid situations like this, see the ‘Waste Calendar’ and keep your collection details in mind. 

For problem wastes that cannot be collected, including batteries and mobile phones, you may drop these off for FREE at the Community Recycling Centre at 8 Waltham St., Artarmon, NSW.

It’s open from 8 AM to 2 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and from 8 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

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How to prepare for a council junk collection?

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With the specifications and limitations of council pick-up, it’ll be best to adequately prepare for a household junk collection. Follow these steps to get the best out of this council service and keep your lawn safe and clean.

  1. Check the Municipality of Hunter’s Hill Council guidelines for the checklist of rubbish items allowed to be collected.
  2. Neatly place the unwanted items 2m within the property entrance the night before the next collection date.
  3. Make sure the pile only occupies a maximum volume of 3 cubic metres.
  4. Small items should be placed in a bag not weighing more than 10 kg.
  5. Group similar items to optimise the collection process.  
  6. Remove the doors from large and white goods. 
  7. Securely attach clean-up service stickers. This will help the collectors identify your booked items. Remember what the following stickers mean:
    1. Pink Sticker- General clean-up collection (Monday or Tuesday)
    2. Yellow Sticker- Mattresses collection (Monday)
    3. Green Sticker- White goods and/or metals (Wednesday) 
  8. Make sure your rubbish is not obstructing any pathway.
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