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Kerbside Junk Collection Info

Household rubbish can quickly take over your space when it is not properly managed. If your home’s now covered with piles and piles of junk, it can be physically and mentally draining for you and your family. You’ll need to get rid of that old television or that funky mattress you had 10 years ago. It’s time for some major decluttering!

But, disposing of heavy and bulky household waste is a lot of a job. Most unwanted junk is too big to fit into our wheelie bins. Well, simply dumping them curbside isn’t a perfect solution, either. Waste left on the streetside is deemed illegal and may lead to a heavy fine unless you have scheduled a clean-up. 

Fortunately, Burwood Council provides three free annual kerbside collections. One is a scheduled date set by the council, and the other two are booked dates strictly for household waste and garden organics only. Scheduled dates are generally notified by sending a mail to your home address informing you two weeks prior to the collection date

Local recycling facilities near Burwood district are also good options for properly disposing of unwanted household items. However, you’ll pay a fee, load and unload, and sort of rubbish yourself. 

The Burwood Council also partnered up with several companies and organisations to make recycling easier, such as RecycleSmart, Mobile Buster, King Cotton and The Bower. They can accept your unwanted junk, recycle and repurpose them, minimising rubbish that goes straight to our landfills. 

What items can the Burwood Council take?

If you book a scheduled collection date, you will need to specify the type of junk that you would like to get rid of. The Burwood Council will only accept the following items during collection:

  1. General household items
  2. Furniture, lounges and sofas
  3. Mattresses
  4. White goods (e.g fridges, freezers, washing machines, dryers)
  5. Baby items and toys
  6. Garden tools and equipment
  7. Sporting goods and camping equipment
  8. Clothes and shoes
  9. Rugs and carpets

What items are not accepted by the Burwood Council?

Similarly to most city councils, there are some items unsuitable for collection.

The following items will be rejected and must be disposed of by another method:

  1. Food scraps and medical waste
  2. Building and construction materials (e.g concrete, timber, asbestos, gyprock, bricks)
  3. Window panes, mirrors, and glass 
  4. Hazardous household waste (e.g fuels, paints, oils, batteries, gas bottles)
  5. Car parts 
  6. Green waste (e.g grass, twigs, branches)
  7. Electronic waste (e.g televisions, computers, accessories)

If your junk is one of the unsuitable items listed above, it will be left behind, and a non-collection notice will be left in your mailbox.

You must dispose of these items on regular e-waste drop-off days at the Council Operations Centre. Check out the Council’s recycling centres partners as well. 

How To Best Prepare For A Household Junk Collection?

To help ensure your household clean-up will run smoothly and to enable the rubbish collectors to remove your items safely, you have to follow these rules:

  1. Check the Burwood Council guidelines for the checklist of rubbish items that are allowed to be collected.
  2. Ensure that your junk will not exceed the maximum value of 1.5 cubic metres (If so, additional costs may apply)
  3. For white goods, individual items must not exceed 30 kg. Seal or remove doors.
  4. Rugs and Carpets must be cut into 1 m lengths. 
  5. Limit your mattress junk to two pieces only. Lounges must also comply with the size limit.
  6. Put small and loose items into bags and boxes. 
  7. Seal or remove doors on white goods.
  8. Stack items neatly and safely. The rubbish must be placed on the kerbside nature strip in front of your property only on the night prior to your scheduled collection date.
  9. Make sure your rubbish is not obstructing any pathway. 
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Contact Information on Burwood Council's Bulk Household Collection

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Booking dates can be done online, which requires you to fill in the details on a form to request a household clean-up.

You can also download the Burwood Waste App, click on the forms tab, and fill in the required details to book.

For those who prefer doing it through phone calls, you can contact the Burwood Council at 02 9911 9911. The line is available 24/7.

For more information about your booking date, check out the scheduled clean-up map to determine your next collection date. You can also reach their Customer Service Centre located at 2 Conder Street, Burwood, on Monday – Friday, 8:30 PM to 4:30 PM. 

Conveniently, the Community Recycling Centre has now reopened. 

Burwood Council and The City of Canada Bay have a formal partnership in the Canada Bay Recycling Centre, which is located at 15-17 Regatta Road, Five Dock. 

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