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Kerbside Junk Collection Info

In 2016, the local government areas of Ashfield, Leichhardt, and Marrickville combined to form the culturally diverse council of Sydney’s Inner West. With 36 square kilometres of abundant land, Inner West Council takes pride in its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. 

Majestic parks, clear waters, breathtaking structures, you name it! Inner West has it all. But, along with its territorial expansion are wastes generated by approximately 186,000 residents. Yikes! With that much waste, it’s no surprise that people would eventually illegally dump their trash, especially the bulky ones.

Fortunately, Inner West takes illegal dumping seriously and fines offenders up to $4000 for individuals and $8000 for corporations. You may report an illegal dumping issue through their online customer service.

Besides issuing fines, Inner West also provides waste services for every household. This includes a weekly kerbside collection for non-recyclable wastes—a red-lidded bin for each house and larger versions for each unit. 

As much as possible, the council encourages the reuse and recycling of waste. But for household items that can no longer be reused, donated, or recycled, residential properties may also book a clean-up online.

The tricky part, however, is the considerations attached to these services. These include the collection dates, items they take, booking instructions, and many more. But don’t worry. We’ll go through each one of these specifications. 

What Items Can Inner West Council Take?

The council has 4 clean-up categories. These are (A) Bulky household items and furniture, (B) branches, (C) metals and white goods, and (D) mattresses. Each category has a specific list of accepted items.

a) Bulky household items and furniture (not longer than 2 metres)

    • Broken furniture and small household items
    • Used floor coverings
    • Damaged timber bed frames

b) Branches

  • Tree branches
  • Real Christmas Trees

These must be bundled, tied, and have a maximum length of length and a diameter of 15 centimetres. 

c) Metals and white goods

  • Microwaves
  • Stoves
  • Fridges and Freezers 
  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Water Systems
  • Gutters and Single sheet galvanised iron (with a maximum length of 1.8 metres)
  • Metal bed frames

d) Mattresses (Maximum of three per collection)

Make sure to pre-book your waste and limit your items to up to 2 cubic metres per collection only. Otherwise, they’ll leave your unbooked or excess junk behind.

What Items Are Not Accepted by Inner West Council?

Since about 82% of collected items end up in landfills, items deemed detrimental to human health and the environment are not accepted. These include the following:

  1. Building materials (e.g. bricks and concrete, soil, sand, ASBESTOS)
  2. Hazardous waste (e.g. gas cylinders, paints, oils, batteries, chemicals, untreated timber) 
  3. Car parts (e.g. engines, car batteries, or tyres)
  4. Green waste (tree logs, leaves, rocks) 
  5. General household rubbish (e.g. food waste and trash that should be in your wheelie bins)

Bulky items that two people cannot carry are also not accepted by the Council. For heavy building materials and business waste, the collection depends on the area your business’s area. Check the council website’s Business Waste portion and select your suburb to locate a nearby drop-off point and its requirements.

As for hazardous wastes, car parts, and e-wastes, you may drop them off at one of the council’s Community Recycling Centres (CRCs every weekend or during annual drop-off events

You may also check the council’s A-Z: What goes where? Webpage or contact to see what else you can do about your other items apart from discarding them in landfills.

Contact Information on Inner West Council

You may arrange the household junk collection through online booking on the council website or by calling 9392 5000.

Note that this service is available for residential properties only, and make sure you choose the right category, for you can only change or cancel a booking up to 48 hours before the collection date.

Afterwhich, the council will email you a reminder message. If you have a missed collection despite having complied with the collection terms and conditions, file a report online or inquire at 9392 5000. To keep your collection details in mind, please see the ‘Waste Calendar‘ or download the Inner West Council Waste App

If you exceed the 2 cubic metres limit, the council will leave your items behind. You’ll have to rebook and pay $150 for an additional 2 cubic metres. Payment can be made online or through council customer service centres. Remember, your booking won’t be confirmed until you process the payment. 

For additional information, you may visit the Inner West Council Customer Service Centres in Ashfield, Leichhardt, or Petersham from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

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How to prepare for a council junk collection?

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The number of daily booking slots and the allowable amount of items are limited. Hence, you must plan ahead to maximise the council’s household junk collection service.

Here are some things you could do to prepare for the collection day adequately:

  1. Check the Inner West Council guidelines for the checklist of rubbish items allowed to be collected
  2. Group similar items to optimise the collection process  
  3. Remove the doors from appliances and white goods 
  4. Book a clean-up through Inner West Council’s website
  5. Select the appropriate category for your waste
  6. Neatly place the unwanted items on the kerbside the night before the collection date
  7. Make sure the pile only occupies a maximum volume of 2 cubic metres
  8. Make sure your rubbish is not obstructing any pathway
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Our Same-Day Junk Collection Alternative

Illegally dumped waste will always be unsightly, especially when contrasted with the Inner West’s spectacular views. Plus, its presence in neighbourhoods compromises everyone’s health and quality of life. It has to end.

Although the council offers household junk collections, all the terms and conditions and the relatively inflexible collection dates have made it an inconvenient solution.

So, if you’re looking for a waste collection that can cater to your needs any day or any time, our same-day junk collection got you covered!   

Aussie Junk aims to deliver the fastest and cheapest rubbish removal service in Sydney’s Inner West!

With our same-day rubbish removal, you can bid farewell to unwanted items whenever convenient. No need to prepare anything since our expert removalists will hand remove almost all types of waste.

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