Can You Do Zero-Waste Recycling to Your Home and Office Furniture?

Recycling is an essential component of the zero-waste movement. It is part of the 3Rs of proper waste management which stands for reduce, reuse, and recycle. Recycling entails the reprocessing of materials so that they can be used and sold again to manufacture new products.

Thus, this process minimises the amount of rubbish that goes into our landfills. More than that, recycling also saves resources like our natural resources, energy, and cost of production.

There are a lot of things and types of rubbish that can be recycled. These include aluminium, steel, and other metals, as well as glass, wood, and paper products. Home and office furniture are usually made up of these materials, making them favourable in recycling centres and facilities. 


What Zero-Waste Practices Can You Do To Your Home And Office Furniture?

Home and office furniture come in different shapes and sizes. They can range from small, wall-mounted shelves to bulky cabinets and closets. No matter what size of furniture you have, we got a few ideas on how you can practice zero-waste by
recycling your home and office furniture.


Repair and refinish your furniture.

Before you bring your furniture to your local recycling centre, assess it first whether or not it’s still repairable. If it is, you can refinish or reupholster your old couch or sofa it to make it serviceable again and to give it a fresh appearance.


Donate or sell your furniture.

If you have furniture lying around your house or office that are still in good condition, you can either opt to donate or sell them instead of sending them to landfills. By doing either, you can help people in need or earn money when you’ve sold your item.


Transform and upcycle your furniture.

Get creative with your old furniture and transform them into other useful things. Some projects you can do with your home and office furniture are:

  • Transform an old and broken ladder into a hanging rack.
  • Use your old wooden door as a headboard for your bed or as a tabletop for your dining table.
  • Modify old cabinets and drawers to become shoe storage.
  • Convert suitcases and trunks into a bedside table or coffee table.


Recycle it

Recycling should only be your last resort, that is, if the practices mentioned above don’t work for you. Most home and office furniture are made of wood, which means that these items are recyclable.

Other furniture components may include a few nails, screws, and other hardware made of metals that are also recyclable. Because of this, you can bring your old furniture to your recycling centres so that they can deal with your junk sustainably. 


What are some problems with recycling home and office furniture?

Recycling furniture is costly. Most of the time, the cost of reprocessing is higher than the value of the materials, making recycling impractical. This issue gives rise to the problem of furniture often ending up in landfills.

Most of the wood used in furniture pieces are coated with paint or varnish so that you can’t compost them and it isn’t easy to separate each recyclable component from the other. As a result, pieces of furniture are not recycled much. 


Recycling Furniture and Other Junk By Aussie Junk

guarantee sustainable and environment-friendly methods of dealing with the rubbish we collect. Our professional Sydney rubbish removalists will efficiently collect all types of waste you have in your house or office, sort them and then transport them to recycling facilities and landfills for disposal.

We have a network of recycling centres across Sydney to help us recycle every bit of your rubbish. They will disassemble your bulky waste into pieces to reprocess all recyclable parts of your furniture. 

Kurt genuinely cares for the environment. We support and promote zero-waste living to minimise the waste we produce in Sydney and to turn our waste into valuable resources. That’s why we’re committed to practising sustainable business operations.

Aside from this, our friendly team also works safely and efficiently. We can handle all sorts of rubbish removal jobs, including furniture removal and electrical waste removal

Need emergency rubbish removal? Call us now at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an email to get a free quote. 

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk is a proud local Sydney rubbish removal company. We help educate Aussies on the importance of environmental topics such as recycling, hygiene, personal and social well-being and sustainability. Free up more valuable space in your life by calling our local team to help clear and clean out your junk today.

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