Why You Have To Remove Rubbish Especially During a Viral Outbreak

It is a common misconception that it’s safe if something looks clean and smells clean. Germs can hide on any surface of your home, and even your workplace is not an exemption. By using a certain cleaning product along with a scrubber, the fact remains that the surface is still contaminated and can potentially transmit a contagious disease. 

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the public is advised to stay in the confines of their home. Face masks or surgical masks, gloves and disinfectants have become essential components of an individual daily. This is to minimise the threat of contracting the virus.

Furthermore, proper hygiene practices are now a trending topic as COVID-19 hit a widespread scare around the globe. 

To emphasise our preventive measures in and out of the household setting, we must not ignore the most important part of maintaining a clean and free-from infectious disease environment. We should tend to our rubbish regularly and better understand how to dispose of it properly.

How to dispose of potentially infectious rubbish?

Disposing potentially of infected waste and all related waste should adhere to the existing regulation known as
clinical waste. Here’s a comprehensive step you can follow at home if you ever encounter this situation. 

  • Place your disposables in a secured and suitable bag or container
  • Place your rubbish into a second rubbish bag as much as possible
  • Secure your rubbish bag and tie it properly
  • Put aside the rubbish bag for at least 72 hours, then place it inside your regular waste bin

You’re not only protecting and keeping your family safe, but you are also helping minimising the transmission of infectious materials to our waste transporters and the environment.

Other household waste should be disposed of normally. If you want to enhance your skills in reducing your disposables, you might want to check this site to better your ways of reducing, reusing and recycling at home.


In recent research, it shows that coronavirus does not survive on surfaces longer than 72 hours. As a result, simple yet comprehensive guidance on touching surfaces that are potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus has been provided:

  • Leave your stuff for 72 hours 
  • It can last up to 24 hours on cardboards
  • While on plastic and metal lasts up to 72 hours
  • If waste materials are bagged and left for 72 hours, it should be safe to handle

Disposing of your rubbish regularly, especially during a viral outbreak, is to avoid transmission of potentially infected waste and passing it to others in your household, your workplace and beyond.

As a responsible individual, always make sure to dispose of your waste properly to ensure the safety of our rubbish removalist provider. Let us all unite against coronavirus.


With the current public health measures, Aussie Junk is dedicated to its duty to the community to provide the most reliable rubbish removal services in Sydney. Despite the new challenges we face, we ensure to continue and maintain our rubbish removal services and collect your waste in no time.

Keeping your surroundings free from all types of contaminants and infectious diseases is vital in keeping your family safe and healthy.

If you need help in removing those contaminated wastes, Aussie Junk is your rubbish removal partner in this COVID-19 crisis. Let us all unite to overcome this crisis.

Aussie Junk is your reliable rubbish removal provider. Get it transported by a licensed rubbish removalist.

Give us a call today at ‪0435 569 921‬. Our team of removalists are available 24/7 to accommodate your rubbish removal needs.

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Aussie Junk

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