What to Do With Vehicle Junk in Your Garage

Most of us already know the value of a good habit in separating paper, plastic and glass from our waste bins intended for recycling. By taking the time and effort, you are doing a great deed for the environment. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re replacing a single part of your vehicle or just letting it take up valuable space in your garage. Perhaps the car parts are no longer useful and can either be recycled or remanufactured for a second time around.

We often neglect automobile discards in our garage sitting empty even though they’re useful and can serve for another purpose. The best way to get rid of automobile parts depends on what you’re discarding:

Do you know most of your car parts are recyclables?


Almost every metal that makes up your car is recyclable. If the item is large and made of metal, you can find a local scrapyard that will salvage it for a small compensation. Some auto-parts stores accept and recycle large metals as well.

  • Engine block
  • Door
  • Fender or muffler

You can also check your local council regarding their regulations on the weight limit or packaging requirement for smaller car parts. 


Car batteries are not allowed along with your household waste. It is definitely not a good idea as it can compromise the health and safety of the public and the environment. A car battery contains lead and it’s considered as extremely toxic and we want to avoid contaminating our environment.

If you plan to replace your car battery, some specialist will dispose of the old one safely for you or you can have it swapped to your old one at a discounted price.

Auto Glass

Window glass can go to your household recycling bin. However, most of these items will end up in our landfills. Usually, auto glass has two layers of plastic making it difficult to recycle an auto glass window. But, technologies now have improved to reduce waste. 

Reclaimed auto glass is converted into glass bottles, fibreglass insulation concrete blocks making it more useful for another purpose.


End-of-life tyre rubbers are generally recycled. If you’re getting a new set of tyres, you can ask the mechanic to have it disposed of for you. But, if you are fond of DIY, you can get some creative ideas on how to recycle or repurpose your old tyres. 

These are methods on how to recycle tyre rubbers:

  • Refurbish such as retreading
  • Broken down and reconstituted for another product
  • Incinerated to produce energy in the manufacturing industries

Most of the recycled rubbers are non-biodegradable and they will likely end up in our landfill. End-of-life rubbers are mostly modified to make new automobile parts.

  • Mats and carpets
  • Rubber hoses
  • Belts
  • Plastics

Entrust your automobile discards to a reliable rubbish removal company. We assure you at Aussie Junk, we partnered with eco-friendly and environmentally compliant facilities to keep our community safe. 


Taking the time and effort to properly remove your old junk or automobile discards out of your garage is worthwhile. Knowing that you’re not only saving and protecting the environment, but you’re also helping in making automobiles one of the most widely recycled things on the planet.

For households and homeowners, as a responsible individual, it’s expected from you to get rid of your unwanted waste responsibly. It must go through the correct channels. 

At Aussie Junk, you don’t have to worry on how you’re going to deal with your automobile discards hanging in your garage.

Call us today at ‪0435 569 921‬. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the most affordable and efficient rubbish removal services. Our team of removalists are well-trained with removing all your unwanted items in no time.

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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