5 Simple Ways to Solve Deforestation Crisis

Trees are essential to all living things here on Earth, but due to an increasing rate of deforestation, they are also being wiped out at a faster rate. There are many reasons for severe deforestation, but the most common reason they are cut is for business ventures or burned down by wildfires.

Deforestation is the permanent destruction of trees, besides the forest, to make room for anything. This can include the clearing of land for cultivation or livestock, mining, or the use of wood for fuel, building or urbanisation.

Forests cover over 30 per cent of the surface of the Earth’s land. For more than a billion people, these forested areas are providing food, medicine and fuel for everyone. Globally, forests provide 13.4 million workers with forest sector employment, and another 41 million people have forest-related jobs. In short, forests have a great role in the survival of humankind.

However, with a decreasing percentage of forests, planting a tree is one quick way to fight deforestation. You can also apply to make sure that you always make the right choices at home, at the supermarket, at work, and on the menu to avoid adding to the issue of continuous deforestation losing millions of trees, you can take things one step further by following these simple ways.

Apply Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The creation of new goods includes the extraction of raw materials such as minerals, freshwater and timber from the Earth’s limited natural resources. Ultimately, waste from these materials is stored in landfills, releasing toxic greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In order to avoid resources from getting dumped at landfills, you can apply the reduce, recycle and reuse method.

You Can start by buying from eco-friendly and socially responsible stores or stop using plastics for single use. For the conversion of future waste into new goods, perhaps recycling properly will help the environment. You can also invest in recycled models of everyday items to minimise waste, such as cups, straws and grocery bags. Whatever way it is, as long as it’s helping the Earth from deforestation, any methods are acceptable,

Care Your Technological Devices 

Technical devices are also likely to be a source of deforestation because the manufacture of mobile phones, tablets, laptops or other technological devices means that minerals such as lithium, copper or nickel have previously been mined and more need to be available. To get these minerals, the extraction and chemical separation methods are very polluting and likely to cut down existing trees for new mining sites.

There’s something else you can always do, and that is to take good care of them before they crack or stop working. If you decide to upgrade and buy a new one, make sure that while it’s running, the old one can still be used.

Tree Planting: Mind-blowing Solution

According to scientists who made the first estimate of how many more trees could be planted without destroying cropland or urban areas, planting billions of trees worldwide is one of the largest and easiest ways of getting CO2 out of the atmosphere to combat the climate crisis.

As trees grow, the carbon dioxide emissions that drive global heating are absorbed and stored by them. New research estimates that two-thirds of all pollutants from human activities that remain in the atmosphere today could be eliminated by a worldwide planting program, a figure described by scientists as’ mind-blowing.’

Go for the Challenge with Paperless.

Go Paperless

It is not a secret that it is important to cut down trees to make paper. Whether at work or at home, many of us still have that ugly, lazy habit of not learning to properly use computer files and directories. Therefore, we print and that is encouraging more trees to be cut. 

Paperless helps keep the demand for paper lower than expected. It’s a joint effort that must be achieved by everybody, especially in the office. Valuing trees and forests also means ensuring healthy and less logged trees are preserved on land. With paperless, this serves as a guide fight against deforestation.

Buy Recycled Products

In today’s world, recycling is vital if we want to leave this planet for our future generations. Since we are producing new products from old products that are of little benefit to us, it is good for the environment. At home, recycling begins. If you don’t throw out all of your old items and use them for something new instead, then you’re still recycling.

When you think about recycling, the whole idea should always be considered; decrease, reuse and recycle. Up to this point, we’ve been reckless with the way we’ve handled the world, and it’s time to adjust, not only how we do stuff, but how we think.


At an unprecedented pace, trees are destroyed. More and more businessmen are pushing to gain land for industrial or commercial purposes by forests. For the sake of profit, the world is being sacrificed. Deforestation can have significant effects on the contamination of the air and water, climate change, soil degradation, biodiversity loss.

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