Tips to Safely Live in your House During a Home Renovation

As much as it is exciting to put your home into a remodel and renovation, it can sometimes serve as the biggest challenge for you. Building your dream home entails a lot of work, readjustment and most of the time, it gives a lot of stress. After all, you’re adding a lot of construction work and building to your areas. Helpful tips and tricks will help you get by in this phase of your life. These are some ways you can make renovations a lot easier:

Have a separate workable space

Since construction happens the entire time, you will need a separate space to work around your home. You will need a makeshift kitchen or work area for your everyday needs. Set aside a part in your home where you can work on these things without the need to keep going back to potentially vulnerable renovation spaces. Workers and builders are there and the fewer people go through it, the better it is for everybody’s safety. Keep a workable space.

Set aside unnecessary things

Pack up unnecessary things you don’t really need to use constantly. If you have some collection of houseware that need not be out in the open during the renovation, pack them up in a  box and store them in your attic. Renovation spaces should be free from things to lessen damages and harm to your property. After all, you wouldn’t want your builders to accidentally knock out that precious mug collection during the renovation process, right? Keep them away.

Prioritise the safety of everybody inside

Safety is the biggest concern, especially where kids are involved. If your kids are playing around all the time, it is best to set up measures to avoid any injuries. During the renovation, tools and equipment are out in the open for use to rebuild your home. Set up boundaries and clear signs of which areas to stay away from. This helps mitigate accidents happening around. Additionally, wear PPE too, especially in renovation areas that are being built.

Clean up regularly

During renovations, dust and dirt will swarm around your home. After all, raw materials and construction components are lying around to be mixed and added to your home. Clean up regularly to avoid dust from accumulating. For parents especially with kids being allergic to dust, renovation times can be tough for your kids’ health. Make sure to keep your areas clean as much as possible. Use that vacuum you rarely use and suck in as much dirt as you can.

Always inform and notify people living inside

Always inform your family about what’s going on in your house. Your kids might get surprised with new people coming in and out of the house. Tell them and explain what’s going on. This is also to make sure that they stick to areas that are safe. As renovations times really make some parts of your house too open, always communicate with other people just to inform about what’s going on, may it be your spouse or house help, or your builders too.


Renovations can be a very messy time for you and your family. Having these tips to live by can help you during those times. As such, you have your reliable rubbish removalists to help you clean up even during the construction phases of your home. You don’t need to worry about these things alone. We are here for you!

Here at Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal, we want to keep your home as clean as possible. Renovation times can be daunting and can add additional worries to you. For a wonderful outcome in your dream home, you don’t need to always feel uneasy. Leave the cleaning to us, especially the ones from construction phases of the renovation. Enjoy the process and watch your future home unfold slowly every single day. Don’t hesitate to contact us for fast and reliable construction rubbish removal!

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