Tips to Reduce the Waste We Produce

Waste generation has become inevitable now more than ever. We live in an urbanised and fast-paced society wherein buying and consuming are the more convenient options to get by. It’s easier to buy fast food in disposable foam containers than to cook at home and pack food in reusable lunch boxes. Moreover, the popularity of fast fashion has increased the demand for ready-to-wear items so that consumers keep on buying clothes and accessories even though they don’t need them. 

Consumerism has, therefore, aggravated our problem with waste generation. We acquire things when we feel like it, even if we don’t need it. We buy cheap goods to save on money but end up using them for only a few times because they have become unusable. Furthermore, we also buy more food items than we can eat before they spoil or expire, resulting in around 7.3 million tonnes of food wastage in Australia annually. On a bigger picture, our impracticality and unsustainable practices contribute to approximately 67 million tonnes of waste generated every year. 

Helpful Tips to Reduce Waste Generation

Reducing waste is one of the 3Rs of proper waste management, namely reduce, reuse, and recycle. This entails minimising and cutting back on the amount of rubbish we generate. Below are some tips on how you can
practice waste reduction.

Be a wise consumer

Consumerism is one of the main reasons why we have a lot of rubbish on our waste stream. Thus, one way you can reduce the waste you generate is by making informed consumer choices. Buy only the items you need and the food you can eat before they expire. Also, avoid buying cheap things that don’t last long. Instead of saving money, you might end up spending more if you opt for low-quality items.

Use reusable and refillable containers

Avoid single-use items like disposable plastic or foam food containers and plastic utensils. Use reusable food containers, beverage bottles, straws, and utensils instead to minimise packaging waste. Moreover, make the most out of your refillable containers by using them again to contain the same product refill. Doing this can also help you save money when you bulk buy. 

Use a reusable grocery bag

Bringing your own grocery bags to the supermarket can reduce the amount of plastic bags you generate in the long run. One tip to help you remember bringing your reusable grocery bag is to put it on top of your grocery list. You can also purchase collapsible bags that fit neatly in your pockets or pouches.

Compost your organic wastes

Composting is an excellent method to minimise the organic rubbish that enters the waste stream and goes into landfills. You can compost your food waste, lawn clippings, dried leaves, and other biodegradable waste in your backyard. In turn, you’ll have a fertiliser ready for you to use for your garden in a few months.

Donate used items and promote buying secondhand goods

Promote the use of secondhand items by donating, buying, and using them. When you donate or
sell your old clothes, books, or electronics, you’re prolonging their product life and preventing them from going into landfills. The same thing results when you buy and use secondhand items.

Minimise paper waste

Long gone are the days wherein you have to read the news or your mails in hard-copies. In our advanced world, going digital can reduce paper wastes. Instead of reading a physical newspaper, you can just watch the news or read the electronic copy. The same goes for magazines and books. 

Reuse and Recycle to Reduce Waste

The two other Rs in 3Rs are also excellent ways to reduce rubbish production. Through recycling and reusing, wastes are considered as a valuable resource that can be reprocessed and used again. You can practice reusing by employing reusable items at home so that they won’t go into the bins and ultimately in landfills. On the other hand, you can do recycling by collecting recyclable items like metals, glass bottles, and paper and then bringing them to your local recycling centre. 

Contact Aussie Junk for your sustainable rubbish disposal needs around Sydney. We have a reliable and friendly team of expert rubbish removalists to collect, sort, transport, recycle, and dispose of your rubbish at home. We guarantee you that we employ the most sustainable and environment-friendly methods of removing your wastes. We have partner recycling facilities for the reprocessing of your rubbish.

While you work hard to curb your waste generation, we’ll do the hard work of recycling your rubbish. Call us anytime at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an email to get a free quote.

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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