Tips in Preventing Bad Odour Problems in Your Nursing Home

Health establishments always give off and emanate the aura of freshness and cleanliness. After all, these institutions are responsible for taking care of your health along with everybody else. Nursing Homes are no exception to this. Your local Nursing Homes should have the most impeccable tidiness for taking care of your lovely elderly who need a clean place to be in. The problem is, sometimes everything can be clean, however, smells linger around the place.

Just like home settings, having odour problems in a nursing home can easily ruin the mood and the atmosphere of people living there. Worse, they can become sources of sickness via bacteria and virus. After all, these places also serve as the home of many elderly staying in. 

As such, odour solutions should be available or made known to people responsible inside. There are tips and tricks in preventing the odour from growing over time.

Check the residents thoroughly 

In Nursing Homes, elderly people both normal residents and many that are suffering from diseases caused by growing of age are in. This means that a lot of them suffer from incontinence. They cannot control when they release feces, urine or any organic waste. Most odours in the Nursing Homes come from soiled clothing and wear. Though rounds of routine happen every time, sometimes it’s easy to slip some residents who are already discharging.

Many cloth items like beddings, linens and towels are also left inside. Overlooked soiled pillowcases and bedsheets can easily make the rancid smell of some rooms. Since nursing homes house many residents who are suffering from regressing mind faculties and motor abilities, it always does extra to do a double check to make sure they’re okay and are really clean.

Open the windows from time to time

One way to also get rid of room smells in nursing homes is by regularly opening the window once in a while. Closed windows mean that smell inside really accumulates over time. This contributes to a lot of the bad odours around. Just like rooms in your home that aren’t opened for a long time, certain smells stay and grow stronger if you don’t open them from time to time. Inviting a breeze of fresh air inside can instantly clean and filter out bad smells inside.

To spice things up, you can add a little fragrance or citrus scent via natural air fresheners. Just make sure and double-check that these scents don’t irritate the elderly or affect them in any way. This can also add to the homey vibe in nursing home areas.

Clean out regularly

Nursing Homes are one of the many sources of wastes like medical waste and house waste. As establishments that serve as a home for the elderly, they discharge waste that can easily just build up and smell horrible. One of the best ways to avoid a build-up of odours in your nearby Nursing Homes is by cleaning up regularly. These spaces and establishments should not house rubbish for long periods of time to prevent smells from turning more ferocious. 

As such, local rubbish removalists are present in making sure that issues on odour are put away to prevent from affecting all people in nursing homes. Keeping a fresh place for the elderly can help in promoting a better quality of living inside.


Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal is your nursing home’s partner in keeping the areas as clean and as pristine as possible. We’ve been offering our excellent rubbish removal services for almost two decades. We can take care of harsh and bad odours too. We understand the urgency and the importance of keeping these establishments as rubbish-free as possible. We are here to be the help you need in times of smelly trouble.

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