8 Smart Tips About Recycling and Waste Sorting

For the annual period of 2018 to 2019, residents from New South Wales recycled about 47% of domestic waste from their homes. Australia is still one of the biggest waste generators in the world. There are many unresolved issues about waste every day. However, things are a bit better if everybody does their part in mitigating rubbish with recycling initiatives. These habits start at home. 

Residents and local rubbish removalists alike are called to be active in recycling. One such rubbish removal service provider is Aussie Junk. They are also doing their part to lessen trash accumulation. To make things easier to manage, here are some tips that can help. If you’re new to recycling, these might help you in handling your garbage.

1.   Utilise garbage bins for recycling 

Garbage bins are present for a reason. They are for segregating your trash. Use them well in storing your trash. It will help you save time in sorting out your trash when disposal and collecting time is near. Keep your segregation bins clean and in good condition. Put on a sizeable biodegradable trash bag to keep in your disposed items. Moreover, don’t forget, segregation bins exist in colour codes. The yellow bin is for your recyclable items. 

2.   Be knowledgeable about what you can and can’t recycle

Having segregation bins is one thing. Knowing what you can put inside is another. Before engaging in recycling, read first about the different types of items and waste. Some goods are not made for recycling. These items are for immediate disposal. They are not designed for reuse and repurpose. Most recyclable items fall under different categories. Know your rubbish well and sort them in proper containers for easier collection.

3.   Know local waste council collection schedules

Local councils encourage residents and businesses to engage in recycling. As such, they find ways to increase recycling engagement in the region. An example is giving out incentives like offering free pickups of recyclable rubbish. If you have sorted house waste with items that fall as recyclable in their initiatives, all you need to do is wait. Your waste council has a schedule for recyclable pickups. The schedule varies per area. Just be there during collection. 

4.   Clean the rubbish before putting them in

We all know that waste is disgusting. That’s why they’re thrown out in the first place. Nevertheless, keep your waste in a good recyclable condition. Clean them before putting them in your garbage bin. Wash down your items like glass bottles and recyclable containers. Clear any bottles of any liquid product to prevent any spillage. This will keep away insects and vermin too. You wouldn’t want too many flies and ants crawling on from your waste containers to your home.

5.   Compress rubbish before putting in a garbage bin 

Sometimes, recyclable items take up space very fast. A large-sized recycle bin can fill up bottle or glass containers in a matter of days. Food boxes and carton containers are empty inside and they take up a lot of space inside a yellow bin. Before putting in the garbage, compress them well. Fold food boxes and cartons to save space in the container. Size down items and rubbish in the bin. Maximising space means you can take in more recyclables.

6.   Take apart things that have many parts

There are some things you want to get rid of that has many parts. Before putting them in the waste containers, inspect them. Dismantle and take apart the items you want to throw away. Then, that’s the time you can segregate the parts among the garbage containers. Not all parts of an item are recyclable. The same is true for many of your household belongings. These things are made up of all kinds of material that need proper sorting.

7.   Secure glass items

Glass is one of the most recyclable products and waste. Many facilities only check the condition of the glass. You can easily use glass products again after sanitising them. When disposing of your glass items for recycling, clean them out first. Put out any product from these glass containers. Next, keep your glass waste safe and secure. Position them well in the bin or container and make sure there is no broken glass anywhere.

8.   Send food waste to the compost pit

Food waste is recyclable and you can directly engage with it at home. One of the ways to recycle food is via composting. You can set up a compost pit at home for your domestic food waste. Keep your compost pit secure and as contained as you can. This will lessen the possible bad odour from your food. This will also keep away any potential insect attraction from your home. Though composting requires a bit more work, it is one of the natural ways to get rid of waste. 


Start your recycling habits at home. Make your homes more sustainable and apply recycling tips. This can make your waste management methods better. This is already a good step in building a better environment that has fewer waste problems. If you can’t, Aussie Junk is here. We offer you our
rubbish removal services. We also do our part in engaging in recycling initiatives in the region. Your garbage is in good hands. Don’t hesitate to contact us! 

You can call us at ‪0435 569 921‬ or you can book a rubbish removal job with us here.

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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