Simple Ways to Reduce Common Household Waste

There is a growing rate of waste around the globe. Therefore, immediate efforts should be undertaken to help solve this menace. One of the things that can be done is; developing ways of reducing waste.

Before that, you should know that different facilities produce different types of waste. In essence, the waste produced in hospitals may not be the same as that produced in factories.

That is why there is a need to tailor every waste reduction method to the specific area. Here we are going to focus on household waste reduction. Basically, here are some ways of reducing waste in your house.

Embrace Recycling

Many people assume that recycling only happens in recycling plants. It is true that most of the repurposing takes place there, but that does not mean you cannot help out. For instance, you can use broken mirrors to form wonderful pieces of art. With that, you can hang them on your walls or even donate them. Another way to recycle waste at home is by making manure.

In this case, you will mostly need food waste. It is through making a compost heap that you get manure for your plants. Both of these efforts are better than throwing away waste.

Get Rid of Plastic Bags

Plastic is generally a non-biodegradable item. This means that it does not decompose once it is thrown out. What then happens is that it fills landfills and causes environmental pollution. One of the most common items of plastic used at home is the plastic shopping bag.

If you want to reduce the amount of waste generated from your home, get rid of such bags. Instead, purchase reusable bags. You can take such bags to the shopping centre whenever you want to buy something. Doing so will reduce the consumption and disposal of plastic bags.

Learn to Repair Items

In trash cans, you will mostly find spoiled items like electronics and clothes. We know that at certain times, the items we use at home get spoiled beyond repair.

Sometimes repairing them would cost more than buying a new one or it would need a lot of work. In these cases, it is okay to dispose of these items. But in cases where you can actually fix broken/spoilt items, it would be best if you do.

For example, if you have a torn trouser, you can pick a needle and a piece of thread and try to fix it. If you do not know how to sew, that is not a big problem. Nowadays, there are numerous videos on the internet to help you do almost anything. Of course, sewing is among these things.

There might be some items like spoiled TVs that may need some expertise to repair. Before discarding them, make sure you have done everything possible to fix them. No matter how you get the job done, the bottom line is discarding should be your last resort.

Make a Meal Plan

In 2019, about 5 million tonnes of food were deposited in Australian landfills. Such large amounts of food waste can go a long way in feeding a huge number of people across the world.

Basically, there is a food wastage crisis that needs immediate solutions. Starting from your home, there is one thing that you can do to reduce these numbers. One of the most effective ways to reduce food waste at home is making a meal plan.

With a meal plan, you will only buy groceries that you know you will eat. Because you know what you are going to eat throughout the week and the number of people at home. This then prevents the cooking a lot of food that may go to waste.

Sometimes, you may have some sudden travelling plans, and you have already bought the food. Before travelling, make sure you clear every cooked food. You can eat it or give it out to the less fortunate. This will prevent them from going bad just in case; you overstay on your trip.


There are numerous ways of reducing the number of waste around the globe. For these methods to work, the campaign must start with each one of us at home.

Basically, we need to take great measures to reduce the waste we produce in our households.

One way of doing so is by making meal plans. You can also reduce household waste by repairing items before throwing them. Replacing plastic shopping bags with reusable ones is also an effective method.

Recycling is another great way of dealing with this menace.

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