How to Safely Take Out Rubbish During the Pandemic

During lockdowns, we are all given the opportunity to stay at home and be with our family. However, the counter effect of having more time at home means we can produce more waste than the typical rubbish average. 

Since we have more time to take up hobbies such as cooking, or crafts, clean and organise our living spaces, you may find that household waste is piling up. With that, there’s a need to remove the piled garbage as it can be a factor for a health issue. But the problem is, how do you safely take your rubbish out during this pandemic?

Sort Waste Through Following the Recycle Policies

In sorting your waste, you should identify first what waste should be dropped off or recycled. You also have to be careful not to mix the waste to avoid fines. 

The last resort should still be your general waste bin in sorting. Get familiar with what your recycling and Food Organics Garden Organics bins can and can’t do. Since it’s hard to take out the rubbish, you should look out for the valuable space that may be taken up by bulky goods such as cardboard boxes and bottles.

Note that there are no organic products in your general waste bin. Always remember too that food scraps, including meat and bones, should be stored in your FOGO (Food Organics Garden Organics) bin. Things such as paper towels, tissues, and shredded paper can also be transformed into compost in your FOGO bin.

Maintaining Hygiene While Transferring Waste 

Transferring rubbish to the station where other rubbish is collected is a scary thing since you will be exposed to other people that may be carrying the virus. That is why you need to be extra vigilant in disposing of waste materials such as used tissues, face masks, and empty hand sanitiser bottles to keep the sanitation of your family members in check. These objects ought to be thrown in a particular waste bin, one that is kept hidden and securely closed that preferably outside from food and living areas.

Reduce your Household Waste

It can be an impactful way to minimise the space in your bins and have a positive impact on the environment by searching for ways to reduce waste. By carrying your own bags and eliminating plastic packaged products where feasible, you can minimise the amount of packaging and plastic rubbish. It’s also better if you apply a zero-waste challenge during these trying times. 

Donating Old Unwanted Items

In this crucial moment, there are several places accepting donations of old food and vital products for those affected by the virus. When cleaning out your household, you can see if somewhere in your area is accepting donations and offers to a good cause. 

Reach Out to Paul’s Rubbish Removal 

During this pandemic, Aussie Junk is able to remove all sorts of commercial rubbish, junk or waste while following the right protocols of the government. We can take almost every rubbish you can think of! If your item isn’t on the list, simply give us a call and let us know what you want in your property.



The war on waste in Australia is a difficult one and will increase due to the waste that a household consumes twice during lockdowns. That is why when rubbish piles up, it’s your responsibility to get rid of it by taking it out. However, some may fear going outside since there’s a possibility of getting the virus. With these reasons, it’s better to have a good strategy that won’t risk your health. 

At Aussie Junk Rubbish Removal, we aim to make waste manageable in Australia. Our team can help safely remove all your rubbish at home without harming the environment.

We provide all sorts of rubbish removal services to suit all your rubbish removal needs. For enquiries or to book a rubbish removal job, call us at ‪0435 569 921‬ or send us an email at

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk is a proud local Sydney rubbish removal company. We help educate Aussies on the importance of environmental topics such as recycling, hygiene, personal and social well-being and sustainability. Free up more valuable space in your life by calling our local team to help clear and clean out your junk today.

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