5 Rubbish Problems When Moving Out from an Office Space

Moving out is considered as one of the most stressful tasks for corporate companies and even for small business owners. It will take a lot of effort and it will eat up most of your time from packing up the tiniest pieces to the bulky objects while managing the office rubbish all at the same time.

Prior to office relocation, creating robust proper rubbish removal efforts in place in the workplace can significantly keep you away from the stressful effects of getting rid of waste materials during the big move day. 

Office relocation must be an exciting move and it doesn’t have to be a stressful process for those coordinating it and the rest of your colleagues. If you’re in the position of navigating your relocation, you might want to consider the following rubbish removal moving out tips and how to solve them.

These are the most common rubbish items found in your workplace:


1. Plastic bottle lids

One of the most common items in your workplace that build up over time is the plastic bottle lids. You can’t keep your colleagues from purchasing their sparkling bottled water and favourite beverages. However, you can ask them nicely in using reusable drinking bottles or strengthen your recycling efforts in the workplace.

Fortunately, there are organisations who can recycle these plastic bottle lids and turn into a useful item such as plastic benches and other functional items.


2. Batteries

Usually, batteries have a limited shelf life. The use of batteries can’t be avoided since there are still electronic devices and gadgets in the workplace that need to operate with the use of batteries. But, with the right effort in recycling and proper disposal of these items, your company significantly contribute to making a difference.


3. Trophies and other metal items

Crammed-up trophies in the box and other metal items in the workplace may not blend in your new office space or it might take up valuable space. However, there are several ways you can do with trophies and metal items and recycle them accordingly.

You can look for inspiration and ideas online on how to be creative with trophies and other metal items. But, if it’s impossible due to time constraints, you can opt for a reliable rubbish removal company. We can provide scrap metal rubbish removal at Aussie Junk. We can cater to all types of rubbish removal services.


4. Bulky waste items

Looks and comfort are important in most commercial businesses since it accommodates different types of people. To keep up with the aesthetic aspect of your workplace and to make it appear stylish and professional, purchasing some office furniture is inevitable. 

Keep us on your speed dial if you need your office furniture removed. Aussie Junk can provide you with professional rubbish removalists who can move or remove furniture and other bulky items wherever you want it removed. 


5. Hazardous and harmful waste

Some commercial businesses generate hazardous and harmful waste. This could mean a headache during the big move day. Thankfully, a reliable company can responsibly dispose of this type of waste by local regulation.

Aussie Junk is an EPA-compliant and environmentally friendly rubbish removal company. Discuss with us on how we can provide you with rubbish removal services and relieve you from all the stress during the office relocation.



You may have the best of intentions, but if you’re not consistent with taking the recycling campaign seriously, it will all go into waste. Make it a team effort and get your office employees or colleagues involve in the program. 

In addition, clearing out after moving out is increasingly important to make sure that your business is not tainted because of poor and irresponsible rubbish removal management.

Aussie Junk provides reliable and professional office rubbish removal services in Sydney. Our team of well-trained removalists can safely remove all types of rubbish, from furniture to hazardous waste. We can remove all your unwanted trash in no time.

For efficient and effective rubbish removal services, call us today at ‪0435 569 921‬. We are available 24/7 to provide you with the most affordable residential, commercial and industrial rubbish removal services. 

Aussie Junk

Aussie Junk

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