Post-Holiday Decluttering Tips 2020

Holiday seasons are a great time to be free from work, enjoy quality time with family and get rest from busy daily to daily hustles of life. It is a time to receive and share gifts with our friends, colleagues and family members.

As people host friends and family, or go out on vacations or to visit friends and relatives, it is very easy to forget their daily cleaning and decluttering schedules.

As a result, this can lead to accumulated clutter in the house.

To help you make your house sparkling clean again after the holidays, below are post-holiday decluttering tips.

1. Get everyone involved

Decluttering after the holidays can be overwhelming. There are plenty of items that have been moved from their home to create room to accommodate friends or family members, new purchases, and gifts given to you.

To make the process easier, less tiresome and fast, get every member of your family involved in the decluttering process. Let the kids clean up their toy rooms and bedrooms. They know best what they need, items they want to keep and what they want to give away.

Having everyone in the family get involved will not only make decluttering faster and easier, but it will also teach the kids how to be responsible and keep their spaces clean and clutter-free.

2. Place items back in their homes

During the festive season, it is very easy to remove items from where they are usually kept and move them elsewhere.

For instance, the toys are moved from their toy rooms, blankets in a cabinet are removed for use by the visitors, breakable flower vases kept away to create a safe environment for kids to play around or utensils removed from the cabinets to be used by the visitors.

During the decluttering process, place each item where it belongs. The main point is not to clean them first, but to make sure each item is properly kept at its rightful place. If you have purchased new items, then get storage for each of those items as well.

3. Sort out items

Over the holiday season, you may have received many gifts, or purchased new items for yourself. As a result, you may end up having many items in the house that you do not necessarily need.

Sort out items into giving away, for resell or donation.

Sorting out your items may be hard, especially for people who are emotionally attached to their items, but once you get into the habit, it becomes easy and very therapeutic.

4. Include a 10-minute declutter routine

If you do not have plenty of time after the holiday to declutter, then include a 10 minute declutter routine every day to help you clean the house. 10 minute declutters are effective and quick.

Get a basket and focus on one area of your house. If it is in the kitchen spend 10 minutes in your kitchen making room for new items, putting away items that you do not need on a daily basis, or sorting out utensils that you do not need anymore.

After you are done with one area, then go to the next, for instance, the closet.

5. Clear out trash

This should probably be the first step when you start post-holiday declutter. You would be amazed at how much trash has accumulated in the house over the holiday causing the house to look cluttered and untidy.

Get a trash can and remove all the trash in the house from gift wrappings, leftover food, damaged ribbon and bows decorations or any other item in the house that cannot be used.

If you recycle your holiday decorations, wrap them neatly and keep them away as well.

Decluttering especially after the holiday season can be tiresome and quite a challenge. After having a good time of rest and fun, all you need is a stress-free start of the year.

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