How to Organise an End-of-Lease Rubbish Removal

Transferring places and bringing all that is essential is stressful and a hassle. Moving is always a very tiresome activity and gets even more tiring without proper help.

It’s the same with any end-of-lease period for many property owners who lease their place to someone else.

People should always leave any household the same way they entered it. However, it’s not always the case. Previous occupants always leave a lot of things behind. This causes a lot of trash build-up.

If you’re a tenant and want your deposit back the same amount you put it in, it’s best to leave a clear space. This is a double win for you and your landlord.

You will end up doing the bulk of throwing away some of your things that are out of use. As a result of this rubbish pile-up, you’ll need another set of hands to assist you with the garbage on your property. Aussie Junk can offer you the end-of-Lease rubbish removal service that you need.

Organise your pre-move declutter to ensure that your moving date doesn’t give you the same stress as most moving days. There are small things you can do to gradually clear out the rented place and leave a shiny vacant space for the next tenant. Plus, your total deposit goes back to you too.

Managing days or weeks before your moving day with a little help can lessen your stressful times. It can make moving fun too.

Consider the ESSENTIAL things only

You can’t avoid accumulating things over your stay. People tend to buy stuff, both needed and impulse buys, to fill in their spaces. It’s not a bad thing. However, this can cause the most hassle when hoarded items start piling up.

There are things you don’t need afterwards. These things take a lot of space in the packing boxes too. Assess all your belongings and do a Marie Kondo assessment. If something sparks some use, keep it. If not, toss it for waste disposal.

Put a label on containers

For any move, it is also pertinent to have containers and packing materials. Boxes, plastic bags, tapes and tie boxes are important. People often overlook having a marker to mark and label individual boxes.

Put a label on your boxes to signify to your movers or helpers where to put a certain box. This won’t only save you some time in unpacking. It will also help rubbish removalists take note the trash box disposals from your actual things.

Group fragile things together

Fragile items need a little more care to take care of. For fragile things that you will bring with you, don’t forget to bubble wrap and double pack to avoid damage. F

or fragile things you will throw out, you can start putting them out in a corner or an area for removalists to collect. This way, you can clear out space faster than you expect. You also avoid any accidents while packing other things up.

Double-check all areas in the unit

Renters tend to overlook a lot of areas when end-of-lease clearouts happen. Always double-check the kitchen for any wiring or switches that are still on. The kitchen stove and fixtures should be top-notch in condition.

Do a quick recount of the bathrooms and shower areas for any damage to built-in plugs and fixtures. Any damages or unwanted rubbish can be deduction from your initial deposit.

A run through all the areas in your rented place can save you a lot of trouble during the property checks.

Consider help from professional removalists

As end-of-lease rubbish clear-outs tend to be a very physical job, you can always call for help. If you have free friends, you can ask them to assist you.

This can make moving fun for you too. If you need actual removalists to clear out all the junk you have waiting for disposal, you can call Aussie Junk to be your assistant. We have the equipment and the manpower to make things lighter for you.


You can work ahead and make your moving day lighter for you. Plan and organise your move before the actual move out.

This way, you don’t only declutter unnecessary things but also work to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

Moreover, you always have a team of experts to help you achieve the pain-free move you’ve always wanted.

Get in touch with us!

Moving out and end-of-lease rubbish removal services are always a good way to return your leased space to its original state.

We can take care of any unsolicited trash you have inside your unit. We are Aussie Junk and your partner in taking care of trash.

You don’t need to worry about missing a lot from your deposit. Your property owner doesn’t need to worry about any hassle items too. We also recycle the things that you throw away too. don’t hesitate to contact us!

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