NSW Waste Facts of 2020

It’s no joke. The generated waste volume across the globe is increasing annually. With more products and goods in production, waste issues begin to surface and worsen. According to the World Bank, waste generation will rise over the next decades. To be exact, waste “… is expected to jump to 3.4 billion tonnes over the next 30 years, up from 2.01 billion tonnes in 2016.”

Australia is one of the biggest contributors of waste around the world. This is an alarming call for every single person to manage their waste urgently.  As Australia’s most populous state, what kind of waste situation is New South Wales facing exactly?

NSW is the top 1 hazardous waste generator in Australia

New South Wales has around
8.1 million people in the region. This number is rising over time. Having more people means more waste generation in general. There are more people and economic activity happening around. It is quite predictable that a lot of the country’s rubbish comes from the region. Businesses and people generate harmful waste that endangers everyone in New South Wales if mismanaged. 

New South Wales is the biggest generator of hazardous waste across Australia. New South Wales produced almost 2.5 million tonnes of solid waste previously. This is around one-third of the total estimated 7.5 million tonnes of hazardous waste. Most of this amount goes to the landfill. The top two harmful materials being asbestos-containing material and contaminated soil. Both of which you can find in residential settings too.

Each household generates 21.75 kg of waste per week on average 

Based on the Local Government Waste and Resource report, each household puts out
21.75 kg of waste every week. For the annual accumulation, this added up to 3.66 million tonnes of domestic waste all around. This is still a slight 2.1% increase from the generated waste volume the year before. For you or everybody else in New South Wales, this weekly average translates to around 8.8kg of waste per person.

NSW pushes for more recycling initiatives

New South Wales is always strengthening its recycling initiatives. The local councils always push for a better call of waste engagement initiatives. The administration backs this with serious support with
$802 million funds it considers as one of the region’s investments. This movement called “Waste Less, Recycle More” covers the following:

  • Preparation of more reliable data generation from the NSW Environment Protection Agency
  • Development of more rigorous recycling methods for New South Wales 

Such initiatives include the introduction of a new program in New South Wales. It is the NSW Container Deposit Scheme (NSW CDS). The NSW CDS is a new introduction to the local practices for waste management methods. Ever since its introduction in New South Wales, it has garnered as much almost 25,200 tonnes more recycled material from the people.

It might seem like slow progress for NSW. Yet, people are active and responsive to the initiatives of the local government. People in NSW sent as much as 47% of domestic waste for 2018 to 2019. This equals 1.71 million tonnes of recycled trash from residential settings alone. NSW focuses on a steady rise and more intensive methods good for long-run. Its aim is for recycling to be more normal than the big waste generation from New South Wales.


New South Wales still has a long way to go in creating a better environment with better waste management. We should act as attentively to this issue. Everybody should be responsible for their own waste. We are here to help you when you need aid in managing your rubbish. 

At Aussie Junk, we offer our rubbish removal services all over Sydney. Lets’ all work together for a greener New South Wales! Contact us!

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