Are there Laws About Residential Rubbish Removal in Sydney?

Waste management has always been good practice for many people around. This is even more helpful for people living within neighbourhoods and communities. Your own personal method of waste disposal hugely affects others living near you or within your radar. As such, it is good for you to pay attention to any regulation or policy that might affect your waste matters. As people who put out waste often, it is good to note the guidance that can improve it.

Because of this, you may start wondering, what exactly are the guidelines that Sydney imposes to people? Are there rules that apply to everybody or does it differ per area and region concerned? Knowing these will help you the next time you decide to throw out your black waste container. It will also help you once you decide to call you expert rubbish removalists for help in disposing of waste you don’t really have the time to deal with. 

Are there laws about Residential Rubbish Removal in Sydney? The answer is yes! These are some laws you ought to know in dealing with rubbish removals in your residence. It’s best for you to note these down and keep them as familiar within your household as possible.

Local Government Act of 1993

The Local Government Act of 1993 basically gives the guidelines on how citizens in Sydney should act so. This act includes the handling of waste by the citizens or anybody employed to handle the said waste.  According to Section 124 of this act, you should preserve healthy conditions in any given circumstance that involves this: “
To remove or dispose of waste that is on any residential premises or to refrain from keeping waste on those premises.” 

In this case, the owner of any property is responsible in keeping their own waste or disposing of it in the event that it does this: “The waste is causing or is likely to cause a threat to public health or the health of any individual.” Everybody has definite responsibility for their own waste. 

Protection of the Environment Operations Act of 1997

On the other hand, other policies are more concerned with protecting the environment. After all, the biggest impact that mishandled waste can do is damage to nature.  As such, improper waste disposal in Sydney can land you a big fine and a record on the database. As this policy is for making waste disposal management better in various settings, it is not only for residential settings.

More often than not, big waste dumpers come from industries that produce and manufacture goods. Just as waste management practices are given and imposed to residential households, the same goes for factories and production sites. There is strict regulation for waste generation types, authorised waste disposal locations and following punishment fees for those who don’t follow the guidelines. 

Waste Classification Guidelines of 2009

What are policies without the guiding rule that structures them? They would be extremely difficult to follow. As such, there is an act for waste guidelines that details the technicalities in waste disposal practices in Sydney. This guideline outlines the methods in storing, containing, handling and disposing of waste that you have at home. There are different methods for different kinds of waste, i.e., you can’t deal with chemical waste the same way as food waste.

As such, it is important that you also work hand in hand with your rubbish removalists in dealing with your waste. Simple notes and indicators can give such a boost in making sure that your rubbish removalists handle waste properly before disposing of them.


Kurt’s Rubbish Removal is your partner in dealing with waste coming from your residence. You can make sure that your waste is in the right hands and that every policy was followed well before handling your rubbish. A little learning from your local Sydney waste laws can go a long way in making sure that proper waste disposal is achievable not just in your neighbourhood but for the rest of Sydney as well. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any rubbish removal jobs!

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