How to Keep Your Environment Free from COVID-19

Proper hand hygiene along with a face mask has been part of our new normal these days. Adhering to proper and standard precautionary measures have been heard day after day. Given our current pandemic situation, we can’t compromise our health, our immediate family even our friends and other vulnerable individuals for a mere 20 seconds of proper handwashing and social distancing.

The possibility of getting the virus from touching an inanimate surface that has been contaminated hasn’t been ruled out. Therefore, keeping our surroundings will amplify our good hygiene practices to avoid unnecessary infection and transmission. Moreover, keeping ourselves and our families healthy during this COVID-19 crisis is the most important thing we can do.

How susceptible is COVID-19?

Among the things that we still don’t know about COVID-19 is how long the virus can survive outside of its human host. But, what we do know is that a coronavirus can last up to 72 hours and it is susceptible to disinfectants. With this information on hand, it is a good idea to keep our home and our workplace clean regularly. 

Tips to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Make sure your workplace and home surfaces are clean
  • Disinfect your desks, tables, and other inanimate objects regularly
  • Promote proper hygienic hand washing
  • Make sure that water and soap or hand sanitizer is accessible anytime
  • Promote good respiratory hygiene in your home and workplace
  • Face masks and paper tissues should be disposed of separately from the regular waste bin

These tips can make substantial changes to slow the spread of COVID-19 combined with our standard precautionary protocols. Our small efforts can make a big difference for our health workers. By staying healthy and keeping our surroundings clean, we are contributing to our society.

Our Department of Health has created a guideline on how to keep our environment free from COVID-19. This is to further promote a hygienic home, workplace and other facilities who are prone and at risk to contamination.

How to disinfect effectively?

  • Use chlorine-based disinfectants to effectively kill the virus 
  • Ready-made or diluted bleach with virucidal claims can be used
  • Wipe the surfaces with bleach solution using a disposable cloth or paper towels
  • Dispose of face mask and gloves in a leak-proof bag
  • Wash hands with soap and water. Dry with a paper towel or single-use towel
  • If water is unavailable, sanitise your hands with alcohol-based

Let us be prepared and follow these simple disinfection precautionary measures. Don’t forget to always keep your hands clean since it’s most likely to get in contact with contaminated surfaces and potential for transmitting infection.


Our health workers are putting their lives and safety on the line for all of us. The least that we can do to help and contribute is to follow the universal precautionary measures, stay at home and adapt to our new normal. Let’s not add another burden and risk their well-being. We should give our utmost respect and concern during this chaotic situation.

Let us all unite and be resilient during this global crisis by taking care of one another; promoting positive environmental and health outcomes. 

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Aussie Junk

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