Is Green Waste Recyclable?

Green waste as the name suggests is associated with compost. It is everything that is left after your gardening and landscaping work, such as weeds, hedge trimmings, leaves and grass clippings. As these materials are biodegradable it will eventually decompose which makes your soil fertile.

A fertiliser is the main ingredient, so your plants can grow strong and maintain good condition.

A lot of people waste money on purchasing store-bought fertilisers. But they are unaware that their gardens are already full of rich and valuable compost. These materials do more good in your garden than any soil or fertiliser bought from your nearby stores.

Instead of disposing of this waste irresponsibly, let’s turn these organic wastes into new and usable materials to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, thus reducing the use of energy, and decreasing air pollution and water pollution, which is generated from our landfills.

What is Green Waste

Green waste is a component of the waste stream composed of plant, animal or food sources which are readily biodegradable i.e. food residual, manure, paper, cardboard, grass trimmings and tree branches which can be used as composting material.

Benefits of Recycling Green Waste

First, let’s determine its economic and beneficial outcome to remind us that recycling is a good thing for us and our environment. In such a way, it will also guarantee that we are recycling green waste effectively.


There are several ways on how to reduce, reuse and recycle green waste. One of which is to put it to better use through gardening and landscaping works such as compost and mulch, or it could be used to improve the soil quality of our agricultural land.

Environmental Friendly


Organic waste decomposing in our landfills produce potent greenhouse gases which contribute to what we are experiencing presently, climate change and global warming. 

Recycling reduces the need to grow and extract raw materials. In turn, it lessens the harmful effect of disruption and damage to our natural resources, notably our forests and wild animals.

Instead of being one of the problem contributors, let us be one with the change in protecting our ecosystems and wildlife.

Prolongs Landfill Life

Green waste contributes a significant proportion of trash generated in the country and a considerable portion of this are disposed of to our landfills. 

What we don’t realise is that some organic materials produce methane. This harmful gas is released into the atmosphere when it could have been composted or recycled, making it much better for the environment. 

Recycling is vital to the future health of our planet. If we recycle green waste, the less space we need for landfills.

All we need to do is plan and improve our recycling habits not only in our homes but also in our schools and workplaces.

Rule of Thumb

Let’s establish our basic green bin rules in recycling our green waste effectively through these golden rules:

What belongs

  • Food scraps and peelings
  • Shredded paper
  • Untreated lumber
  • Small branches and twigs
  • Leaves
  •  Plants 
  • Grass trimmings
  • Weeds

What does not belong

  • Plastic bags
  • Treated timber
  • A large quantity of soil
  • Pet waste
  • Tree stumps
  • Polystyrene
  • Plant pots
  • Building waste

Generally, items that are larger than your fist goes into the recyclable bins where you might want to sell or donate, smaller organic items can be used as your compost ingredients. You can also check your council as they may have other recycling options. 

However, you don’t have to do the hard work, you can always rely on us to do the disposal.


Recycling green waste will help improve the quality of our environment and to be part of this change is rewarding to us personally. Planning for a sustainable and consistent method on disposing of your green waste is vital. 

Let us always keep in mind that we can reduce the harmful effects of greenhouse gases with our little effort to change our wrong habitual actions. 

If you are having problems with an overfilled waste bins, here at Aussie Junk we can pick up your trash in as easy as a flick of your finger. With the current situation we are experiencing now, you might opt for a professional service. We are committed to helping you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your resident as well as your health matters.

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