6 Innovative Ways of Managing Plastic Waste

From shopping bags, credit cards and even hair combs, plastic has been integrated into every aspect of our everyday lives.

Most of the manufactured materials left a harmful imprint and undesirable effect on the environment. Plastic waste is present in the landfills, forests, clogging our ocean and other streams of water across the world.

The single-use of plastic from healthcare facilities and commercial businesses significantly contributed to the growing numbers of plastic waste streaming in our land and waterways. In fact, Australia consumed 3.4 million tonnes of plastics and a total of 320,000 tonnes (only) were recycled.

In 2017-18, the national plastics recycling rate was 9.4% at most. There’s an increasing demand for proper management of plastic waste disposal and seeks a sustainable solution. And this is why some engineers, entrepreneurs and other innovative people around the globe come up with new and creative ways in tackling the environmental problems. 

Instead of throwing plastic products irresponsibly into our landfills and let them pollute our oceans, let’s turn them into these six innovative and functional products. 

1. From plastic waste to road construction

You may have heard about several innovative plastic products. But, do you know that many places across the globe utilised plastic products and turn them into road construction materials?

2. From ocean plastic to kitchenware and shoes

A floating island of garbage is not a myth. In fact, with today’s demand for plastic use, it’s expanding and consistently growing. Fortunately, there are organisations and even renowned shoe company that worked tirelessly in raising awareness on the issue of plastic waste. It turns plastic waste into functional objects and products.

3. From recycled plastic to beauty packaging

Several beauty companies are adopting the change and turning its packaging out of recycled plastic materials. This packaging is made of 100% Post-Consumer Polypropylene. It’s eco-friendly than any plastic made products since it’s recyclable with lesser toxins than PVC plastic.

Polypropylene made products break down from 20 to 30 years compared to other plastic materials.

4. From fishing nets into games and sports equipment

Some ingest the plastic, others get tangled. One of the most prevalent plastic waste that’s harming our marine animals are the
fishing nets along with other harmful marine debris. 

Researchers found that fishing nets are the world’s floating garbage contributors in the oceans. These fishing nets are either discarded or lost by commercial fishing vessels and discarded in the process.

A popular board game company called Jenga Ocean wanted to raise awareness on the importance of ocean cleanup and its harmful effects of discarded fishing nets into the lives of our marine animals.

5. From recycled plastics into new shelters

Some social enterprise came up with a creative way of turning recycled plastic or rubbers into stackable bricks. Aside from its durability, it’s also affordable for the people who need shelters the most.

International organisations utilised recycled plastic materials in war conflict places in elevating the displaced, vulnerable and poor living conditions for refugees. 

6. From plastic bags into apparel

Now that we’ve seen several functional products out of recycled plastic. Why don’t we learn about turning plastic bags into clothing? There are innovative and dedicated people who want to counteract the undesirable effects of plastic waste. Some even made it their life mission in tackling the issue and providing sustainable solutions.

Fortunately, The Australian Government is firm and even banned the single-use of lightweight plastic bags.

Plastic Waste Disposal Solution

One of the best solutions in stopping plastic harming the eco-system is to stop it from getting there in the first place. So, always
check the label and know where to place your recyclables.

The plastic waste problem is real and causes a serious threat and negative impact on the environment on a global scale. If you want to be part of the change, start within the comfort of your home and be a role model in your workplace.


While these innovative products represent a sustainable solution from the growing numbers if mismanaged plastic waste. Most of these organisations, companies and dedicated people cannot drive this transition by themselves.

We must work together in building a sustainable plastic system that we all can benefit. We need to act and innovate in minimising the growth of plastic waste polluting our land and waterways.

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